Travel isn?t as cheap as it was

The days of cheap travel appear to be over for the time being. Flights on the actual holiday used to be discounted, but not this time.

The airlines and car rental companies have cut the supply of seats and available cars, so the prices have soared to more than double what they were in the past.

I kept checking prices and they just kept going up. Finally we booked them, thinking they would go even higher.

Once you buy the tickets, it?s a good practice to never check the price again in case it comes down.

We are planning to see our kids and grandkids at Christmas this year, meeting in a warm(er) destination for a few days. Even with the higher prices, it will definitely be worth it.


The grandsons, I hear, are in a growth spurt lately, and the oldest, Alex, almost 12, has grown out of everything he was wearing this summer when they were here. Soon he?ll be bigger than the rest of us.


Tell me what?s wrong with this picture: Millions of people in this country are out of work or underemployed, but universities routinely pay coaches that they no longer want around millions of dollars to go away.


If you missed Becky Walsh?s open house at her State Farm office in Hillsboro this past Friday, you didn?t see what a terrific restoration and makeover she did to her building. I was amazed at how good the ceiling tins came out, and the refinished floors and beautiful oak trim finished it off with a flair. The homemade breads were also a nice touch.

After seeing what Becky did to her building, it makes me want to refurbish something myself.


You hear about seniors living on fixed incomes these days and that they had no Social Security cost of living increase this year?except some got a one-time payment of $250, depending on certain conditions.

I don?t mean to be disrespectful to senior citizens?and I am almost one (based on age only) ?but I think it?s the younger citizens, including young parents, who need a discount. Many of them also are living on fixed or lesser incomes than before because of downsizing or losing a job and reentering the work force at lower pay.

My father-in-law Ennis always thought it was wrong for him to get a discount when he qualified because of age, and he expressed it many times.

Now I see what he was talking about.

The burden of Social Security is shifting more and more to the younger workers, and the number of senior citizens is fast increasing as the baby boomers have started to turn 65 this year.

I say give the young crowd a discount, because at some point there will be less of them and more of us.


This week?s weather is creating havoc with my schedule.

I was supposed to be in Des Moines for board meetings of the Midwest Free Community Papers. On Monday, we were asked about our thoughts of still holding those meetings. With 8 to 10 inches of snow on the ground already and a forecast of blizzard conditions on the horizon for Tuesday through Wednesday, I believe it will be postponed for January.

My inner self wants to travel into a blizzard, but others will keep me from it.

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