To book or not to book?

I have been thinking about something for some time.

It would represent a huge amount of work but maybe it would be worth it.

I have thought about making a book that contains many of the items from this column, which I have written for each and every week without a miss since the launch of this newspaper.

Then, to get into a crazy thinking mode, I thought I could take the net proceeds from the book and start a fund for a journalism scholarship at Hillsboro High School.

If this is a crazy idea, please tell me so I can quit thinking about it. Or if you think it might be a good idea, tell me that, too, so I can get busy working on the book.

I didn’t major in math, but I think I just figured out what some of my eye drops cost per gallon and I believe it was in excess of $450. I also figured out some cough syrup I have used in the past cost in excess of $150 per gallon.

I must have chosen the wrong business.

And I have a pill that costs about $300 per month when I’m in the doughnut hole that cost just $45 per month last year.

The problem with the pill is that it works, so what are you going to do? There is another one that costs much less that I am going to try as soon as I run out of the last of the other ones.

I have already tried to buy more at the old price, but I can only buy one month’s worth at a time.

Some people ask me if I have retired and my answer is usually that I am transitioning into it.

When I sold my interest to Joey and Lindsey in April of 2014, the agreement was that I would stay on until April of 2017, which is just around the corner.

The board had a meeting during 2016 and asked me to stay on another year, which I gladly agreed to do.

After all, what would I do all day if I wasn’t involved with the company? And I know that Nancy does not—I repeat, does not—want me around the house every day.

So far I get to leave when I want to and did plenty of that this past year, being gone in January, May, September and November. It was a great year to travel and I see more of it on the horizon.

I was reading that folks who retire, do much of their traveling in the early years of retirement—“while they still can,” so to speak—and before the money is gone.

This past Wednesday morning, or during the night I should say, I looked at the clock in our bedroom and it showed 4:23. The next time I looked it was 1:30 and I thought it might be getting light outside already. Then in a very short time it was time to get up.

We know the electricity was off but I didn’t think it could back up the time on the clock. The clock used to shine the time on the ceiling, but that part is broken.

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