Time has changed again

I was really ready to fall back this past Sunday, as it is much nicer to fall back than to spring forward.

I don’t need an extra hour of sleep because I routinely get nine to 10 hours a night. I just needed the extra hour.

I once said we should have a time change every weekend. Spring ahead on Saturday morning and fall back on Sunday night.

I don’t think most people would miss the hour on Friday night and would sure welcome the extra hour on Monday morning.

No joke this week as I need to take inventory and see which ones I have already included. Some of them are good enough to run twice but I have standards, you know.

I take one drug that costs me more than $5 a piece with two a day, and that’s with Part D insurance when I am in the doughnut hole.

I found that the two ingredients are relatively cheap by themselves, but are re­ally expensive when combined in one capsule.

So, I found a pharmacy that compounds the drugs for much less money.

My plan is to exclude the expensive drug from my plan and then purchase it outright on my own.

When Hillsboro Hometown Pharmacy ran the numbers, it works out to be much less without the expensive drug included.

Just for fun I went online and checked out a Canadian drug company that offers that drug.

It was more than $800 per month on that site, which is supposed to have the lowest prices.

I am loyal to our local pharmacy, so the Canadian route was never an option—although interesting to me that they could be almost triple what I can buy through Part D. With the cost of the insurance, too, I am really paying more than the $5 per capsule.

It’s fun to be a Chiefs fan this year. Not confident that they will go very far in the playoffs, but we will have to see what happens in the next couple of months. I have plenty of other teams to root for as well.

Call me crazy, but I only like the teams that never moved from their original city. Such as the Bears, the Packers, the Steelers, etc.

I had a conniption fit when the Colts moved away from Baltimore back in the day.

And I’ve always wanted to use the word “conniption,” which I don’t think I’ve ever used in this column.

I only watch baseball during the World Series, and this year’s series was just as good as last year’s.

I’m glad the Houston Astros won the whole thing. Their fans needed something good to happen to them for a change.

I also had a conniption when the Dodgers moved to LA from Brooklyn. And there are other teams that have moved, such as the Milwaukee Braves that I couldn’t care less about.

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