Time flies on Tabor website

I discovered the neatest thing that is going on with the Shari Flaming Fine Arts Center across the street from our house.

On tabor.edu, the college has a time-lapse of the construction project going up since last July. It is a cool thing to watch.

Just scroll down on the home page until you see the “Signature Campaign” and click on the video.

It was a corroboration between Chris Glanzer’s streaming video of the construction site, Vance Frick’s ability to make a time-lapse video from the stream and a little bit of drone technology thrown in as the building grew too big for the camera that overlooks the job site.


If I was a kid about to go to college, I believe I would seriously become very skilled at protecting data, either for the government or corporations or universities.

I believe KU has a group of kids who have formed a club called Jayhackers. And now it is something that the university teaches. I’m telling you, that’s what I would do now if I was starting over.

Strangers hacking into our technology is a great big problem now and it needs to be thwarted at every turn.


I don’t know how many people know this, but fish live in the pond along U.S. Highway 56 in Hillsboro Heights.

I saw a photo of what looked to be about a 4-pound bass. The guy that caught the fish always throws it back in the pond so the story can grow to whatever size the fish needs to be.


I now have a full year of my columns for 1999 collected. It has taken a long time because there is so much interesting stuff to read in the newspaper.

The files from which I am opening and copying my columns is always the front page of the Free Press, which is just like walking down memory lane—except my memory isn’t what it once was. Seems like 1999 was a productive year for Hillsboro.


We’ve had been watching two large trees in our backyard for a couple of years, and now they are dead. We should have done something sooner but just didn’t act. So now the trees are coming down soon and we will be planting new ones.


What is the best time to plant a tree? Today.


We needed to find our lawn irrigation sprinkler heads so Dutton Tree Ser­vice won’t smash them when they come to remove the trees. Except we couldn’t find the sprinklers.

So, the obvious thing is to do is to turn on the sprinkler system. But then you have to know what to do to turn the sprinkler system back on.


I don’t know what the matter is. I used to get sick every January. It hasn’t happened for the past two years. I will probably regret writing this.


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