Three trips in one day

I can?t remember the last time I went to Marion three times in one day, but did it last Friday. It was business and pleasure that took me there. I needed to be here and there at the same time, which made it necessary to run back and forth.

  • Because of the flooding in the Nickerson area, the Mid-Central Activities Association league track meet was moved to Marion. Lucky for me, because I wanted to watch and couldn?t have made it to Nickerson.

    I can?t run anymore, but it?s fun to watch teenagers burn up the track. The weather was perfect for a change, too, which made it even better.

  • What a beautiful day for Mother?s Day. We spent the day trying to see how many calories could be consumed. By mid-afternoon I think I had consumed 10,000. At that rate I?d weigh 500 pounds by Christmas.

  • Memorial Day is almost here, which means it?s almost time for the Family Folk Festival and the All-school Reunion.

    An added feature at the reunion this year is that about a dozen former teachers plan to attend, including the Vaneks, Joneses and Ericksons to name a few.

    If you haven?t seen them for a while, or are a former teacher who would like to see them, it?s not too late to register. Call the Hillsboro Chamber office right away at 620-947-3506.

  • I learned why the price of gasoline is so high. It?s because people are willing to pay it. Oil companies are making record profits, and it looks as though it doesn?t matter which party controls Congress.

    In reality, lobbyists control Congress. Both parties line up at the trough. Con?gress voted not to allow competition for drug prices again, which makes them beholden to big pharmaceuticals. Congress spends money it doesn?t have. Let?s face it. The battle in Washington is lost. It?s totally out of control. Personally, I?m sick of it.

  • Our new Free Press Web site is now officially launched. We have 22,000 pages of content that is fully searchable. You can search all of the content we?ve uploaded since 1999. If you don?t find what you?re looking for, it?s probably because we didn?t upload it.

    We also upload a complete pdf file of the newspaper so you can read it in ?hard copy? form anywhere in the world by Wednes?day. This should take care of the three-week delivery delays we hear about occasionally.

    The site also has some fun things, like a video of our address machine in action. Go to ?Advertising Info? and click the play button.

  • This has nothing to do with anything, but the subject of folding laundered underwear came up the other day. If you are one who folds it, I might suggest it isn?t necessary.

  • In writing about my memories of Hillsboro?s people of the past, I know there are things I once knew but have now forgotten. For example, I re-learned recently that Bruce Patton, who retired in Hillsboro with wife Ruby, was instrumental in the completion of Grand Oaks apartments.

    Quite a few Hillsboro residents drove truck for Kansas Wholesale. I can still remember the Jack Sprat signage on the trucks.

    Pete Berg who lived on West Grand was one of those drivers. He was soft spoken, as I remember, and easy going. In retirement he worked at The Sports?man.

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