Thoughts to end the year

When is the last time you were reading about Reverse Polish Notation? Apparently, I had never read about it until this past week when I was lamenting there isn?t such a thing as an app for a Hewlett Packard HP12C for my phone.

So I did what I always do and searched for the HP?12C app. There is one but it is $12.95. Since I have never paid for an app and was making noise about it, Kevin here at the office overheard me talking about it and told me about the Reverse Polish Notation. He sent me a link to read about it. I read a couple of paragraphs and that?s all I read. I searched in apps for RPN and found an app that is a calculator that works just like my HP 12C and it was free.

If you are dying to read about this subject go here:


It seems that all of the digital and social media ideas are designed to make the world go even faster. I just saw a new app that is supposed to be a faster way to contact a business. There is no call or talking to anyone. It is called Talq and it is supposed to give you an immediate response from a business.

It is designed for consumer to the business and is some type of instant message.

Stop the world please, I want to get off now.


I always like year?s end. I am somehow led to clean up my work areas so everything is nice and neat.

Actually, that may be an exaggeration. I really just make all of my stacks neater and restack them in a different order.

And I probably won?t be able to find anything now either. It?s amazing how much stuff I save throughout the year, thinking I will need it later but later comes and I can?t remember why I saved it in the first place.


Another thing nice about the end of the year is we all get a clean start in the new year. So here?s Happy New Year and wishing a fresh start to everyone.


I?ll bet you have no intention of reading about Reverse Polish Notation with the link I furnished previously in this column. I only did it because I felt I needed to.


One of the biggest benefits of the Internet is the information that can be obtained from it.

If you want to know how to fix something there are countless videos on YouTube showing you exactly how to do it.

If you want to know how old and where someone comes from, search the Internet. If you want to see where someone lives and you have a good address, search the Internet.


On Christmas morning, brother Mark asked me if I had slept well and my answer was yes.

Since my hair always gets very messed at night and sticks out in all directions, he said by the looks of things that my hair must have stayed up and partied all night.

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