There’s no need for free trials

When I see the words “Start your free trial now, or today” I get off the online site right away unless it is something I am interested in.

Whatever happens, is probably good for the one who is offering the deal. If you forget to cancel they have another sale, they already have your credit card information. Nothing is ever free, except this newspaper unless you look at the ads and find something you want to buy which we know you do, except we don’t ask for credit card information upfront like free trials do.

Everything is a numbers game, the Free Press has the numbers that others say they have, but don’t.

The other day I tried to hang a portable vacuum cleaner in a utility closet, and it took me way longer than I thought it should. I think the slot-head screws should be illegal just like Phillips screw heads should be unlawful.

There wasn’t much light in that closet which added to the problem of trying to see the screw heads and matching the screwdriver to the heads.

I have written before that Torx heads are the only way to go. If you agree, raise your hand.

In the early nineties, I was in Max Falkenstein’s office at the Douglas County Bank in Lawrence on behalf of the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. Now, I can’t remember exactly why I was there, but I did notice that his desk was completely empty except for a scratchpad. I didn’t know what the scratchpad was for until the phone rang. He took the call and wrote down his tee time and we continued our meeting.

I and most of you remember him as the voice of the Jayhawks for many years beginning in 1946 until he retired from broadcasting in 2006 after 60 years. (I can only remember from 1955 since I was born in Minnesota in 1946 and didn’t move to Kansas until ’55).

He was a walking encyclopedia of KU Football and Basketball games, players and coaches. He passed away last week at age 95.

We received our HHS All-School reunion Oracle in the mail July 30 and since we are local, everyone else who is out of the area should receive theirs by the time you read this.

If you got yours and your classmates for some reason did not, please share yours or send this link to them:

Fly joke from Google jokes of the day—

In the world of flies, a young fly needed a heart transplant. After being taken to surgery, the fly anesthesiologist put the young fly to sleep.

The fly doctor assistant cut open the young fly’s chest.

He then announced to the fly heart doctor, “Your fly is open.”

The doctor blushed.

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