The year already is half gone

Where does the time go anyway? The next issue of the Free Press is No. 27 for the year. We are closer to the upcoming Christmas than last Christ­mas.

While I was driving the other day, I was thinking how crazy it is that we drive at night. First, you can’t see nearly as well as you can during the day. Plus, you are sailing down the road in a 4,000 to 6,000-pound missile.

According to the National Highway Safety Board, there are nearly three times more fatalities at night than during the day, and most accidents at night involve single-vehicle versus multiple-vehicle crashes during the daytime.

Other reasons given are that speeding and alcohol use is higher and seat-belt use is much lower at night.

Seat-belt use drops from a high of 58 percent at 2 p.m. to 30 percent at 2 a.m. There were no explanations why this happens, only the statistics.

My advice is to wear your seat belts no matter the time of day and call Uber if you’ve been drinking.

My sister Elaine and I like to share jokes. Here is one that she tells:

This guy buys a new Thesaurus and says it’s terrible.

His friend asks what’s wrong with it.

And the guy says, “It’s terrible.”

Elaine goes on to say that many people who hear the joke don’t get it, and then when it is explained to them, they still don’t think it’s funny.

Please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it or don’t think it’s funny.

Grandson Louis has been attending debate camp at North Texas University (“The Mean Green”) the past two weeks.

I texted him to keep me posted on how it was going.

I received one text that indicated he was learning a lot and was also having fun. I’m guessing he is having so much fun and learning so much that he doesn’t have time to send any more texts.

When Louis was little he didn’t want to be out of his mommy’s sight and now he boards a plane like a pro.

Actually, he has been on a plane many times in his life, so he’s plenty experienced that way.

It looks like he and his brother, Alex, won’t be coming to the Marion County Fair anymore. We used to fly them here and home as unattended children. The almost 10-year run is over.

Last week I made a quick trip to Tulsa to hear brother Mark and the band he plays in.

It was at a place called “Peppers.” From where I was sitting the tip jar covered the legs of the “P’s” and it looked like Penner’s.

I really like our Kansas Turnpike pass, and now it also works for Oklahoma toll roads including the Cimar­ron Turnpike. If not, then I have a problem.

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