The joke returned to mind

Sometimes when you can’t think of something you can’t remember, it’s good to get out into the world and let it come to you.

If you read this column every week, you will remember I had a joke I couldn’t remember.

We went to the Legion Chicken Fried Steak dinner on Veterans Day and I saw some friends who are golfers. They mentioned the weather had been good for golfing, but that for one reason or another they weren’t able to get out there.

That reminded me of the forgotten joke. I’ll let you in on it later in this column.

I had a perfect segue to the joke when I was writing about my cataract surgery.

With that, I may already have the opening I need.

There were these older guys who really liked to hit the golf course every chance they got, but it was getting harder and harder to find their golf balls after they teed off.

Then one member of the foursome had the brilliant idea that they should get one of their buddies to tag along with them because he had excellent eye sight.

The next time they went out, they asked him to go along. They all got on the first tee box, pulled out their drivers and let it fly.

They then asked their buddy if he had seen where their tee shots went and, of course he said, “yes.”

The next question was, where did the tee shots go? The answer was, “I forgot.”

I was expecting to get some grief at home over what I wrote last week about the magic coffee table and laundry basket.

I didn’t get any, but it seems like I have been told to do a few more things around the house, lately.

And I really don’t mind.

We are listening to Christmas music at work today. Seems a bit early but it’s good stuff and why not?

We really haven’t heard much about our grandsons lately as they continue with their schooling in Atlanta and Athens.

Alex, the college kid, doesn’t come home much, I hear, and the first time he showed up at home he brought two pieces of laundry.

Louis, the high school junior, is busy with debate. Apparently he doesn’t have much to say about what he is up to either. Although, he did mention to his mom that he qualified for state in debate.

We are looking forward to seeing our entire family during the Thanksgiving break.

The Tabor Bluejay football team is back in the playoffs as the regular-season champions of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference. They may be going north, I hear.

This is the time of year all Jayhawks relish: basketball season. I enjoyed KU taking down No. 1 Duke this past Tuesday night.

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