Technically, it’s not a true ‘J’ turn

In my view there really is no such thing as a J-turn. If you look at a J and then swing a left turn to park on the other side of the street it is more like a backward J. The only way you can do a true J turn is to back across the street, but then your car wouldn’t line up with the diagonal lines that are painted there. But then you could just drive away without backing out first.

Last week I did the first backward J-turn of my life. I don’t know what go into me. It was totally on impulse and I never thought what I was doing—only saving a bit of time to talk with someone who was across the street. I guess I was in a big hurry. Then I was told there would be a big fine for it soon with the new ordinance passed earlier this month.

I won’t do it again, I promise.

When we installed our new doors on the front of our building, we didn’t realize they are so quiet that we don’t hear it when someone comes in like we did with the former doors that slammed shut and made a big racket. RocketTech next door installed a mechanical bell that hangs on the door handle. We couldn’t have the same thing.

For a mere $60 we now have a motion-detector dinger installed to announce everyone’s arrival. Too bad it also dings when we depart and there’s no answer for that issue. Although I was able to slide close to the door and get out without a sound. It looks pretty dumb so I won’t be doing that every time.

I received a nice letter from Ethel Hagen, who graduated from Hillsboro High in the ’40s and who also let me know that there were no yearbooks produced during the war years.

In fact, the kids sacrificed a lot in those years.

She subscribes to our newspaper and is one of many who do not receive timely delivery of the paper. Sometimes weeks go by without a paper. We used to be able to put a single paper in a mail sack to one destination to alleviate this problem, but that is no longer allowed.

With fewer processing centers, as announced by the postal service, I am wondering if the deliveries will become even less timely in the future. Or maybe they will become more efficient. Time will tell.

Speaking of yearbooks, we now have quite a few more Hillsboro High School yearbooks posted on the Alumni Associa­tion page on the Free Press website. We just added ’53, ’54, ’55, ’60, ’65, ’66, ’67 and ’83.

To see to them, click on the Alumni banner on the right side of the home page and follow the instructions on the landing page.

I tried to record the Turner Gill show Sunday night, but the NFL game went so long the DVR missed it because the actual broadcast time was way off.


Last weekend, while I was watching TV, I muted the sound just to hear the rain falling on the roof. What a beautiful sound it was.

I got some new shampoo, and when I was reading the kind it was without my glasses it looked like “Super Slimy” instead of “Super Shiny.” I didn’t buy it so had no idea what it was called.

I am still trying to figure out what has come over me this week. This column was written on the Tuesday before. That has never happened before.

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