Tech saves time and takes time

Technology has sure changed our behavior collectively as a society. Think of all the time it saves and all the time it also takes.

It used to be we just went to bed at night and got up in the morning, read the paper, ate breakfast and went to work.

Now we plug our phones into the charger before jumping into bed and possibly check e-mail in case something important is in the in box?then check e-mail first thing in the morning and the Facebook page, too, if we have one. Not to mention a few select Web sites like KU sports for me and a couple of news sites too.


Now I?m finally in the smart-phone arena. All of those things I mentioned above are now in my pocket. What a deal.


We just revamped our cell phone service at the Free Press and were dealing with 14 separate phones and a wireless router for Internet services.

If you need real professionals to assist in the process I can assure you it isn?t necessary to go out of town for help. Cora and her employees at Alltel handled our needs with terrific customer service, plus it was so handy to get everything taken care of right across the street.


I took the stadium tour this past Thursday night and it?s going to be a state-of-the-art place for players and fans alike.

It might be the only field that has goal posts that can be adjusted to meet the correct width between the cross bars for both high school and college, which have different regulations.


This could be a place for a real home-field advantage. For high school, the opposing team gets the narrower college width on its goal line in each half. And for college the opposing team gets the college width and the home team gets the high school width at its end of the field.

Just kidding.


I started using a new shampoo called Burt?s Bees. It really makes a great volume of soap. Enough that it also works for shaving cream.

One day after using it and shaving in the shower, my hair looked like it already had gell in it after I toweled off. Didn?t think much about it for the rest of the day. Then it dawned on me that I hadn?t rinsed my hair.

So now I can have shampoo, a shave, gell in my hair and soap left over for the next shower.


This probably doesn?t happen to anyone but me. We advertised for a refrigerator in the Free Press and found a nice one. The owner had stored it with the doors removed so I needed to put them back on. An easy task, I thought. I had a new set of nut drivers and went to get them. The only one missing was the one I needed. So I thought I would just go home and get my sockets. You guessed it, the only one missing was the one I needed. So I ended up using my small crescent wrench. Not the best situation but it got the job done.


This is the time when the delinquent real-estate tax list is required to be published in the official county newspaper. Even though free papers like ours have much larger circulation and wider readership we are prevented by state statute from having the opportunity to print them and be paid for doing it.

In the spirit of the law we have published them on our Web site. Go to Daily Life on the left nav bar, then public records or follow this link: http://www.

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