Tech is a love-hate situation

I am having a love-hate relationship with technology these days. Sometimes I embrace it and other times I detest it.


The biggest issue I have is with Facebook. You can learn a lot very quickly if the few friends you have, like I do, are constantly commenting or sharing things they see on Facebook.

On the downside, there is also so much stuff I do not want to see or read or view as a video. Sometimes I just think ?leave me alone.?

I also embrace technology when I am using my smart phone and find apps that are very useful to me. The Heart app, which comes with my phone?s operating system, counts my steps, broken into miles, and the number of floors I walk up and down each day.

Or Google Hangouts for my phone, which allows me to call anyone, anywhere as a video call or just a plain old phone call. And it doesn?t use a cell tower, only data, so if you have Wi-Fi it works like a charm.

And you may have noticed a recurring theme about any thing that I have written about technology that I use. It is all free.

I never use a phone book anymore when I can search the number with my favorite browser and click the number and I am calling on my phone or computer with Hangouts. To get local phone numbers it is quicker to click on our advertiser?s tiles on our own website to get phone numbers or to log in to some of our bank accounts.

I don?t need a flashlight many times because it is on my phone. And if I need heavy duty light I go with a conventional LED flashlight.

I can monitor the thermostats at church with my phone and change the settings remotely. Pretty handy, I must say. One Sunday morning when I was in Atlanta visiting the Camelis, I received a call from someone back home requesting that I run the fan in the sanctuary for about an hour. No problem, I turned on the fan from my phone for the desired length of time.


YouTube is one of my favorite apps as there really isn?t much music, old tunes or new, that you can?t find there. If it lets you skip the ads I always do that?unless it?s one that interests me.

With the Netflix subscription, you can watch myriad programs, old and new, either on the phone or on the flat-screen TV with Chromecast.

And I really have enjoyed watching Tabor College football on my TV this fall when they weren?t playing in Hillsboro.


I am on Twitter, but I?haven?t really gotten into it much, unless I am trying to find Tabor scores from Free Press sportswriter Janae Rem?pel?s Twitter feed. There?s so much to sift through that I really don?t check it very often.


I follow ESPN a lot for scores of all kinds. You can do it from their app or you can do it from their website.


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