TC arts center is a big deal

I have been wanting to take a tour of the Tabor College Shari Flaming Center for the Arts across the street from our house ever since it started to take shape in recent months.

Ron Braun, who is one of the fundraisers for the new building, was kind enough to take Nancy and me and another person through it the other day.

I was blown away by the vast size of the structure and what it will mean for future Tabor College students and the area community at large.

I knew it was large, but one doesn’t really get a feel for it until you actually walk inside of it. If you like the performing, visual and fine arts, then this building is for you. It is every bit as impressive as the football, soccer, track and field complex on the campus.

It is for the community as well as for the college, according to Braun. I can envision community events being held in the front lobby, and there is word of a Starbucks Coffee Shop in the interior of the building easily accessible to the public. I mentioned again that I thought the little theater would be great for movies for community and area kids on Saturday mornings.

The building will have an elevator and an art gallery near the entrance from the east.

The goal of the college is to open the building debt-free later this year. Of the total cost of $13.6 million, less than $1 million needs to be raised ($880,000 to be exact). Braun said if they can find 880 donors contributing $1,000 each, they will make their goal in this Grand Finale.

I know we will be enjoying what this building has to offer the public and you can, too.

Set up a tour with Ron. You may be surprised how you feel about giving when it is completed.

Sometimes when you analyze a situation involving money versus time, the answer is clear.

Our old recliner had a handle to raise the foot rest, but it broke. I thought I could remove the broken handle by taking out the set screw with an allen wrench. As is always the case, the exact size I needed for the job was missing from the holder containing all of the other sizes I own.

I went out to my shop and found the right size, which I had never put back where it belongs. I looked around and knew I was the only one who had used them recently.

We found a replacement handle online for about $22. So one evening I went out to the shop and decided I could just fix it. When that failed, I decided to make a new handle using the existing hardware.

The handle wasn’t made out of wood, but out of plastic to look like wood. And the metal part inside the plastic didn’t want to come out easily. So, I’ve already invested two-plus hours in the job and all I have to show for it is a lot of sweat and a cut finger. A couple of bucks is looking good to just buy a replacement.

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