Tax list keeps on growing

This came across my desk the other day and I think you should see it.

I thought our forefathers left English rule because of too many taxes. One hundred years ago not one of these taxes in the list that follows existed. Our country had no debt and was one of the most prosperous in the world.

Here are just a few of the taxes one or all of us pay these days and the list keeps growing:

– Building permit tax

– COL license tax

– Cigarette tax

– Corporate income tax

– Dog license tax

– Federal income tax

– Federal unemployment tax

– Fishing license tax

– Food license tax

– Fuel permit tax

– Gasoline tax

– Hunting license tax

– Inheritance tax

– Inventory tax

– IRS interest charges

– IRA penalties

– Liquor tax

– Luxury tax

– Marriage license tax

– Medicare tax

– Mortgage registration tax

– Property tax

– Real estate tax

– Service charge taxes

– Social Security tax

– Road usage tax (truckers)

– Sales tax

– Recreational vehicle tax

– State income tax (some do)

– State unemployment tax

– Telephone federal excise tax

– Telephone federal universal service fee tax

– Telephone federal, state and local surcharge tax

– Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax

– Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax

– Telephone state and local tax

– Telephone usage charge tax

– Utility tax

– Vehicle license registration tax

– Registration tax

– Vehicle sales tax

– Watercraft registration tax

– Well permit tax

– Workers Compensation tax

So I was updating our dryer vent to the outside of the house last week. Should be an easy job, I thought. I am drilling a hole through the rim joist from the basement side and get a hole drilled through to the outside with an auger bit.

I am getting ready to pull the drill back in when the battery dies. Now the drill and bit are stuck and I can’t pull it back in because the drill is dead.

The battery is changed from the front and the front of the drill is up against the basement wall and can’t be changed out.

After a few choice words I decided to break for supper and think it over. The course of action then was to pound the bit (and drill) back into the house with a steel punch.

That worked and the rest of the drilling was done from the outside.

A few perfectly positioned holes and a sawzall and the job was finished.

My famous last words are always, “This should be easy.”

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