Taste of Pilsen?s rich tradition

When my sister Elaine and I were in Pilsen on Sunday to attend the Father Kapaun Celebration Mass, and the dinner following it, we both saw the preservation of a rich tradition not often seen by the majority of our population.

The dinner was especially tasty and we were impressed with how quickly hundreds of people were served. I wonder how many potatoes they had to peel for all of those people?

At first I didn?t see the kolaches, but am really glad I found them and brought some home with me.


We want to thank everyone who came out to our event on Veterans Day releasing the new veterans book at the Pilsen Community Center and later in Marion at the VFW.

Just a note about the Veter?ans Salute that we ran in the newspaper last week.

The list did not yet include all of the veterans names that appeared in the book. We now have the task of combining the two lists into one in time for publication next Memorial Day.

If you want to help us with names to add, we would appreciate it.


Our friend Robb Reeves, who owns and publishes the Hesston, Halstead and Moundridge/ Inman newspapers, just completed his experiment of eating school lunches for 38 days.

If I got it right, he ate breakfasts and lunches at both the Hesston and Halstead schools, completely cleaning his plate each time. At the end of the experiment he gained five pounds.

With all of the hullabaloo about the new guidelines, maybe the kids are getting enough to eat. Except he did think the kids out for sports would need a little extra.


I learned about a story from Laura Paulus that was blogged by former Tabor student Matt Penner involving the Tabor College Bluejays and Washburn Uni?ver?sity basketball teams in the 1996-97 season.

Tabor had a senior-laden team, including the Jost twins (Bruce and Travis), who actually beat Washburn in the Tabor gym when the the Icha?bods were ranked No. 2 in Division II.

As the story goes, Penner took his young son to the KU-Washburn game in Allen Field House Nov. 5. He was sitting next to a couple of older Jayhawk fans who had been coming to KU games for years.

The topic of the Tabor-Washburn game came up in conversation and one of the older guys said he was refereeing at that game. What are the odds of that ever happening?

Here is a link to the full story: http://pennerspen.blogspot.com/2012/11/an-amazing-story-at-ku-game.html.


Delbert McClinton has a song titled ?Too Much Stuff.? I am thinking that is exactly my problem here at the office?but what can I dump?

I guess I can move it all upstairs and out of sight.


Something doesn?t seem right when you have to run the air conditioner in the middle of November.


It was 75 degrees Saturday. I saw an icicle a foot long while out walking Monday morning.


A termite walks into a tavern and asks, ?Is the bar tender here??

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