Survivor has a key story to tell

It is a rare privilege to meet someone like Michele Longabaugh, a cancer survivor and one of the most upbeat and inspirational people I have ever met. And you, too, will have the opportunity to meet her as well this Sunday night at the Hillsboro United Methodist church in a program where she will share her story.

You will come away with hope and understanding of how you or your family or someone you know can get through a similar situation.

We at the Free Press have come to know and appreciate Michele since we have worked with her in publishing her book, “If You’re Not Laughing, You’re Dying.” The book is a compilation of her blogs written over nearly a two-year period while she battled Stage 4 cancer. She has since had us help her create a website that provides information about cancer for those seeking it. It is

Shelley Plett of the Free Press, who designed the cover for Michele’s book, was instrumental in bringing her to UMC at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 24.

Michele has spoken at other churches and I have witnessed her presentation. I may be biased, but I can tell you she is an inspirational woman you won’t want to miss hearing.

Our business to business Biz Expo at the new Meridian Center in Newton, intended for area businesses in Marion and Harvey counties, will be Thurs­day, Feb. 28, beginning at 8 a.m. It is free to attend.

We at the Free Press think it is important enough that we are closing our doors that day so all of our employees can attend. I know not everyone thinks like we do, but I know you can benefit from attending.

And I want to publicly thank Todd Heitschmidt of Central National Bank for getting behind the event and having his bank group take the lead in sponsoring the event.

Nancy and I had the privilege of attending the Hillsboro Community Foundation grant presentations the other night at the middle school lobby. (She told me it was at the middle school library because she didn’t have her glasses on, and I knew there wasn’t one).

What stood out was the genuine appreciation conveyed by each recipient as they spoke after receiving the checks. And what stood out in particular was the comments from the chess club leaders and members that this activity actually helps improve grades and brain function.

I baked brownies for my Valentine this past Thursday night. It was the first time I have ever done that. If one can read, it is one of the easiest things to do and I thought there would be no chance of a fire with those.

I am continually amazed when we deal with huge national companies such as Century Link. We terminated our service about a half year ago and have been receiving a statement each month showing a credit in a significant amount.

We thought since we had discontinued service we would receive a check but no—just a statement month after month showing a credit.

When I called them, I was told they would be happy to mail us a check in 10 days. So I guess they are content to use our money for free and are willing to pay for a statement and the postage each month for the privilege.


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