Surviving the MRI squeeze

I didn?t know what it meant to be claustrophobic until a couple of weeks ago when I submitted to an MRI to find out why my right arm hurt so bad.

They said the test would be only about 30 minutes and that I could listen to whatever kind of music I wanted. So they slip on the headphones and slide you into this tube, which is rather tight around your body.

It didn?t take long to realize what had happened. I am stuck in this tight space and can?t move. I opened my eyes and all I could see was plastic right next to my face.

I started counting the songs to try to determine how much longer I would be encased. Then I started hoping that my nose or head wouldn?t itch or that I wouldn?t start coughing or something.

It was getting really uncomfortable to be in there when I heard a voice in the headphones say, ?Only three more minutes.? When three minutes were up they said, ?You moved (wiggled around, I suppose) too much. Can you do three more minutes?? All I could say was, ?I?ll try.?

When it ended, I felt the most relief I had in some time. After telling others about the experience I learned some couldn?t even make it a couple of minutes before they begged to be let out. So I guess I don?t feel so bad.

I hope I haven?t ruined this test for others.


I was informed most people past 50 years old have some kind of tear or partial tear in their rotator cuff. Some are just affected differently. Since mine has been bothering me for about six months, I was ready for a fix no matter what it would take.

The conservative method involves a shot of steroid in the shoulder and it can last for a couple of months. So that?s the route I went. In only about a day and a half, the shoulder started feeling much better. Relief in the ?little bit short of a miracle? category.

I can?t believe the difference it has made. Not perfect, but oh so much better.


It feels so good, in fact, that I finished the trim on the last two windows of my new shop and even caulked them all Saturday afternoon. Now I am ready for all of the spring rains that are sure to come.


If I were a Wichita State fan who traveled all the way to St. Louis and missed the first four or five minutes of the game this past Friday night I would be steamed.

I understand that they need to clear out the arena between the afternoon and evening sessions. But to make the schedule so tight that there isn?t enough time to accommodate the fans?the people who made basketball what it is today?is purely about the almighty dollar or greed.

What am I saying? It is all about the money. And for the price of the tickets I would have wanted a refund.


I don?t care to watch another basketball game.

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