Super cost for game tickets

Super Bowl tickets are reported to be between $3,000 and $4,000 and on up from there.

A ticket to a high school or college game is not more than $10. How did it get this way? Easy. Enough people are willing to pay the price. Supply and demand.


I wrote all of my col?umns for January prior to our big trip to Atlanta and the Carib?bean. Therefore, I don?t believe they were very current.

I had never been without Internet or cell service for a week since those two things were invented. Believe it or not, it wasn?t that hard to do.


Until the day after Christ??mas until Jan. 22 we had never been gone for a month at a time. In fact, the longest time may have been the two weeks in 1984 when we took the kids to the World?s Fair in Knoxville, Tenn.

We drove to Atlanta and were there for two weeks and stayed with the boys for a week while Amy and George took a 20th anniversary trip to Puerto Rico.

Then the day they got back we flew to Fort Lauderdale, where we met our good friends, the Ranneys, for a week-long cruise in the Caribbean. With us were Delbert McClinton and Marcia Ball and a host of other musicians for his 22nd Sandy Beaches Blues Cruise to Tortola and St. John and back to Fort Lauderdale.

The trip was to celebrate Nancy?s retirement and my 70th birthday.


We had never been on a cruise before, so we weren?t sure just what to expect.

I get motion sickness from just about anything so we tried using the Sea Bands that aren?t medicine, but what you wear around your wrists.

I wore them the entire time except for the times I remembered to remove them while taking a shower. I never felt sick even once.


The ship docked in Tortola on my birthday. That day we took a ferry to Peter Island and spent the entire time on Dead Man?s Beach, which is a beautiful place. I can still hear the waves lapping on the shore and even though we aren?t there now, those waves are still lapping on the shore.


The next day the boat anchored in the bay near St. John as there was no pier to accommodate the ship.

We took a tender boat to shore, which was really a life boat from the ship.

On the way back to the ship, I thought we should sit in the very front of the tender. It was a great idea until the window in front of us was opened wide.

We were almost back to the ship when I saw a wave that was bigger than our boat heading our way. Not able to think fast enough, I didn?t close the window. Instead, I sat there and watched the wave approach us. When it hit, it seemed as though 100 five-gallon buckets of water came through that window all at the same time.


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