Stung by email hackers

Note to hackers: If I ever get a hold of you, watch out.

Here is the spam email many of you may have received from me last week:

Good Day

Hope you having a good a day ?………….. I have an important Document for you in the attached so click to uploaded for you to check this out View docs here all you need to do is sign in to check ?

For one thing, this is poorly written, and not by me. I?m not a great writer, but I?m not this bad.

So, since I send emails that are business only, people believe that when an email comes from me, it must be something I want them to see.

I must have received more than 50 emails, phone calls and texts asking if I really sent the email. The answer is ?heck no.?

Unfortunately, my contact list wasn?t the only one hacked, as this email was making the rounds in these parts.

With the hundreds of emails I receive each day, the person I received it from was someone whom I trusted and thought it was something they wanted me to see. So, I?m sorry this happened and will be trigger happy on the delete button from now on.


Ever wondered where the disposable income for most families has gone during the past 10-30 years?

I began thinking about why it?s so hard to hang on to money these days, and here are some thoughts why the paycheck ends before the month does.

1. Cost of Internet.

2. Cost of cable, Dish TV, etc.

3. Smart Phones and the plan it takes to use them.

4. Soda pop. I never had pop when I was a kid, unless on vacation.

5. High interest credit cards. Haven?t played that game for many years.

6. Bottled water instead of tap water.

7. Professional sporting events, football or basketball, can cost a family the monthly house payment or more.

8. Fireworks.

9. Processed food vs. food from scratch.

I have participated in all of these things.


I don?t know if this has happened to anyone else, but I had the most unusual cramps beginning Saturday night through the wee hours on Sunday.

First, my right thumb muscle cramped and then my left thumb. It was the weirdest sensation. They both curled up into my hands without me doing anything.

Then during the night my shin cramped, and stretching one?s leg by standing made it worse. I finally had to stand on my foot and lean back to get it to subside after a long period of agony.


I turned really happy Sunday afternoon when I could finally pronounce my new shop finished and ready for projects. It now has a floor that is cleared of all junk and everything else that was in the way.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@

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