Students learn via Skype

There is a cool new idea going on in grade schools these days. I read about it recently, but can?t remember where.

As a means of connecting students with students from different schools across the land and to teach geog?raphy at the same time, teachers have introduced Skype into the classroom.

By connecting two classrooms in this way, students guess where the other school is located by asking questions of the other kids via Skype. What could be more fun than that?


I drove our south mail drop route the past two weeks and was amazed at the number of geese I spotted on Marion County Lake. I would guess there were about 2,000 of them.

I don?t know exactly what a goose weighs, but if they are five pounds a piece there were 5 tons of geese on the lake. And the ice was holding them up, too.


I found a watch that I haven?t seen for years while I was putting things away and sorting out our office the other day. A new battery was all it needed to fire up again.

I wore it one time. Not sure if a watch will be a full-time thing to wear any more.


A new thermostat for homes was invented by the same guy who was part of the team that came up with the iPod and iPhone. He now has his own company.

It has been out for a while and is called the Nest. It has a brain and learns how to control the heat in the home based on behaviors of its occupants. It is reported to have saved lots of electricity since it has been introduced to quite a few homes.


The cold weather broke enough over the weekend for all of the Cameli boys and me to almost finish siding my new shop. Plus, they were glad to help me cleanout my storage shed that held stuff temporarily during the move and get it moved to my shop.

I have the feeling that I might have to get rid of some more stuff in the coming months or there won?t be enough room to use my new building.


With the mobile technology available these days, it was easy to follow our Georgia kids? drive across country from Atlanta to Hillsboro this past Thursday.

When I got a text with a photo of the St. Louis Arch, that was all we needed to know exactly where they were at the time.

Grandson Alex was more than happy to drive about half of the way here during a 14-hour plus a few minutes trip.


Last time they came in the car with the dog, Wolfie had to stay at the vet?s because pets weren?t allowed where we were living.

Now he is part of the family and is staying with all of us at the house. He has been very well-behaved, I must add.

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