Staff birth more than Just a baby

We are beaming at the Free Press this week as Gracelyn Abigail Just was born to our features and news writer Malinda and husband Brad Just last Wednesday.

They couldn?t be prouder and we couldn?t be happier for them.

I got to see Gracelyn and even hold her. I can tell you she is Just perfect.

  • Somber news came our way Saturday when we learned that our Chicago connection and View from Afar columnist Dale Suderman suffered a serious stroke. After a long surgery late Saturday the outcome is still unknown. He underwent a second surgery Monday afternoon.

    We?re hoping and praying for a speedy recovery for our good friend.

  • Walking across Kansas was a piece of cake for the Free Press team. We?ve already made it from west to east and are headed back west. We?re at Junction City already.

  • I thought it takes a long time to get a new passport. Mine had expired, and I?m hoping to use it soon.

    While in Emporia before the bus showed up last Thursday, I applied at the post office there.

    It took only nine days to get my new passport. I?m glad the postal worker advised me to waive the expedite fee since he said everything was coming back in three weeks.

  • I have been using an electric toothbrush for more than a year now. Every once in a while I use the regular one for a change of pace.

    This morning I was using the regular one and discovered I was actually wondering when it would shut off.

  • I read where they are considering legislation that would require that those new hybrid cars make some noise.

    Since they don?t make a sound while they are idling or going slow it is thought that they are unsafe for pedestrians who might be near them and can?t hear them.

  • Spam e-mail is getting out of control. I have probably said this before but it is getting ridiculous these days. I probably get about 700 to 800 per day now.

    I have heard that some folks think they have to delete them one at a time?which you don?t.

    If you stretch out the window and highlight them in groups you can delete about 50 at a time. Unfortunately this allows for mistakes, too, but I don?t have all day to clean things up.

    What I am getting at is that e-mail isn?t a perfect method to communicate, but it?s close. If you have to know if your e-mail got through you can automatically request a receipt or ask for one in the body of the e-mail.

  • Recently I mentioned that my directions in Kansas are a quarter turn off from Minnesota. Then I learned that some of the other Minnesota transplants living in Hillsboro have the same problem.

    Maybe it?s because we call a flat top haircut a ?heinie.?

  • Security is changing almost everywhere I go. I didn?t try to take a carving knife into city hall like the guy in Wichita did, but I did take my pocketknife to a Kelly Hunt concert at the Cotillion. Security announced to the line of people to be admitted that no pocketknives were allowed.

    I saw a big rock next to the building so I just put my knife behind it and picked it up on the way out after the show.

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