Sometimes you have to steam

My wife still reads my column. In the early days of the Free Press she read it before it went to press for some reason?now she just reads it in the paper.

I was informed that last week?s column was a little heavy and, after reading it again myself, I agreed. After a while things build up and you have to let off a little steam.

  • My Jayhawks are in the final game of the Final Four. I?m convinced it takes hard work but a little luck doesn?t hurt either.

    Take the Davidson game. I know how much the Jayhawk faithful suffered during that game. How can so much fun be so miserable? If that last shot by Davison goes in, the Jayhawks go home.

    Instead, it was off to San Antonio to meet Roy and the Tar Heels. People were nervous about that game, too. I said not to worry because Roy can?t win the big ones. At least that?s what everyone said while he was at Kansas.

  • It seems like the scammers are out in full force week in and week out.

    One of our readers brought in a scam mailed to her from Canada. It featured a letter stating she had won a huge sum in a lottery with a voided check for $4,880 made out to her, showing an amount that had been deducted from her winnings.

    All she had to do was send a money gram for taxes in the amount of $2,985, which could be obtained from a large discount store. There was a phone number to call where she could obtain instructions.

    Of course, once she had sent the money gram that would be the end of the deal and she would have been out the $2,985.

    The best thing to do with these types of letters is to trash them immediately.

  • Our sportswriter Andrew is way ahead of me, and I don?t know why I didn?t think of it first. He sets an alarm on his cell phone to tell him when it?s lunch time. Actually it makes total sense to me because he is the kind of guy who gets so immersed in his work he could forget to eat lunch.

  • I?ve made quite a few gaffs in my advertising career but may have committed one of my biggest ones last week.

    Right after The Edge went out last week, Nancy started getting lots of calls asking where her store was located. Somehow Hillsboro didn?t appear anywhere in the ad.

    I told her at least the ad is working if we can get people to make the call.

  • We have a water filter in our refrigerator. The water was beginning to trickle out so I replaced the filter. Then I got the idea to saw the old one in half to see what it looked like inside. It was totally black and nonporous.

  • All of last week we didn?t receive our daily paper. I called three times and e-mailed once, but still no paper.

    Then early Saturday, when I was out walking, I saw a delivery being made at the newsstand next to Dale?s Supermarket and walked over to ask about my paper. The carrier, who was new to the route, said he had just delivered it. He did, but to the wrong house and had been throwing it there all week.

    Sometimes you just have to solve things yourself.

  • I have to be a humble about paper delivery as we are in that business, too. If anyone is having problems, please tell us.

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