Some folks here do great things

You often read about people who do great things and I think most people think it has to occur some place else. I am here to tell you that people do noteworthy things right here in Hillsboro

We have been designing and printing the Christian Leader ever since we started this company in 1998. Shelley Plett, our graphic designer, was asked by CL editor, Connie Faber, to redesign the magazine and take it from a black-and-white publication to a full-color magazine on gloss paper.

Their collaboration did not go unnoticed with the Leader garnering the Award of Excellence for most-improved publication in 2010 at the Evan?gelical Press Association annual meeting in Chicago last month. I couldn?t agree more with the judge?s assessment of their work.


I am glad that people are watching what we publish and take the time to correct us when we?re wrong.

A special thanks goes to Margie Sandwell for bringing to my attention a couple of mistakes I made in the special insert we sent to all Marion homes in the past two week?s Free Press. Making it worse is that the same insert went out both weeks with the same mistake as we printed enough for both issues.

One was identifying her dad as Ford Winter instead of Ferd Winter and that I had also messed up the rest of the cutline under her family picture, too.

Thankfully, it will now be correct in the Marion Memories, Vol. 2, photo book that is coming out in September.

She also found a mistake on the book?s front cover, which would have really embarrassed me had the actual book been printed that way.


The Hillsboro High School Oracle student newspaper staff picked up the ?All-Kansas News Publication? award at the Kansas Scholastic Press Association conference in Lawrence earlier this month and are to be commended for this achievement. It was the only Class 3A school so honored.

By design, about 1,800 Oracles are printed with the Free Press and delivered to the communities of Hillsboro, Lehigh and Durham, which coincides with USD 410 geography.

The Oracle is pulled out of 200 additional copies by the students for use at the high school.


Marion residents responded in a big way to the recent insert in the Free Press delivered to the Marion zip code asking for photos for the upcoming Marion Memories Vol. 2 in commemoration of Marion?s 150th birth??day.

These photos are quite interesting and have never been seen by the public. There is still time to bring more photos.


I e-mailed a link to the Wagner Carnival website to my grandsons last week so they could see for themselves what is in store for them at the county fair.

This is going to be a big deal. if you want to check it out go to

Advance tickets will be sold around the county soon that get you a wristband that allows you to ride all night for one price. Stay tuned for details.


I can?t help but comment about what I witnessed at the regional track meet last Friday. Joel Allen ran for two unbelievable first-place finishes in the 1,600 and 3,200 after already running in the 4×800 relay and all within a span of a couple of hours.

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