Some cost cuts come at a price

We see cost-cutting and money-stretching moves in almost every part of our fabric these days. I don?t remember a time when it has been more prevalent than it is right now.

Some items are now sold in smaller packages to keep the price the same?which, in effect, is an increase.

In order to save $3,000 per year, the University of Kansas recently decided to quit blowing the steam whistle that could be heard across campus to signal the time for classes to change.

That maneuver created a huge outcry from alums from all over who felt it was one tradition that just couldn?t be ended like that. So, based on the feedback, the chancellor reinstated the traditional whistle.

About a month ago I wrote that I hadn?t yet spoken with anyone who was for the law enforcement center being proposed by our county commissioners, and would be willing to vote for a 1? sales tax to pay for it. Well, I still haven?t found anyone who is for it.

And last week we read that people who live in the vicinity of the proposed jail are circulating a petition against it going into their neighborhood. If I lived there or had a business there I wouldn?t want one in close proximity either.

One commissioner said not to worry because the facility wouldn?t even look like a jail. I don?t think that?s the reason for the objection. A jail is a jail whether it looks like one or not.

Logic would tell you that property values would be affected and not in a positive way.


Now that I have been writing this column for more than 10 years I am really having a problem remembering what I have written in the past. The only safe thing to do is to write about current happenings. But if I can?t remember what I?ve written in the past, maybe no one else can either.


Here?s a little episode that is really some kind of miracle.

Last week my wrist hurt so badly I could hardly move it. I thought I might need to seek medical attention, but Nancy said I should try a wrist brace she had in the closet. So I put it on for the evening, which totally immobilized the wrist, then kept the brace on for night.

When I woke up in the morning the pain was totally gone.


I?m glad both political conventions are finally over. I watched most of the speeches and followed the events on both CNN and Fox News.

When it was over, my head was spinning. Somebody is fibbing?wait, everybody might be fibbing. Both sides have all of the answers, if you believe them, but my gut tells me none of them have the answers.

The candidates from both parties had opportunities for many years to fix the problems we face today but no one did it.


We will never forget how a young man from Hillsboro entered our lives when our daughter was in high school during the 1980s.

I received the following e-mail from Amy this past week.

?On Saturday, October 11, I?ll be walking in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?s Light The Night? Walk at Atlanta?s Cen?tennial Park to raise funds to help fight cancer. I will be walking in memory of my friend Aaron Galle, who lost his battle with leukemia 20 years ago this October.?

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