Solution for eye protection

I learn something practically every day. I always had trouble trying to keep track of my clip-on sunglasses, so I thought I would be smart the next time I got new glasses and would get the photo-gray kind that become dark glasses when you go into the sunshine.

What I didn?t know, and wasn?t told, is that when you get in the car with the photo-gray lenses they do not turn dark inside of the car because of the protective filters that car windows have to block out the UV rays. Therefore, I was also needing a solution for dark glasses again.

I had some of those roll-up inside the lenses you get at the eye doctor when they dilate your eyes. But that just doesn?t look right. So I discovered lens covers, thanks to son-in-law George. Lens covers are oversized sunglasses that fit over your existing glasses and don?t cost much.

They are polarized? problem solved.


Having Tabor College in town is a tremendous asset for business and a great partner with our company.

Tabor has been hosting a seminar for our yearbook customers for a number of years now and it has been a benefit for all parties.

They have excellent facilities, which creates a professional venue for such an event.

This year we will have around 60 high school students, plus their advisers, in town to learn about how to create better yearbooks for their schools.

Faculty members, along with some of our staff members, lead classes about topics that are relevant to the students as they prepare their books for the year.

This time we have added several new topics that are relevant to the beginning student as well as the more experienced student. If some of the students like what they see and decide to attend college here, it?s a bonus.


I made a huge mistake last week when I fell for some bait on my cell phone that indicated I might have won an iPad or a Mac Book Pro. The first clue that I should have avoided the offer was that since I was a customer of Century Link I had been selected for this opportunity.

Then, to see if you had won, you had to keep giving more information. Finally, I said this is enough and quit.

But not soon enough, as the calls about car insurance started coming fast and furious. When I told the guy who called from an insurance company in Wichita that I only buy from local agents he said he understood but warned that I was probably going to be getting many more calls.

Since I interacted, they can call me without restrictions for a long while.

The lesson: If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Actually, I prefer to get offers in the mail. They don?t give you up, and they keep the printers in business. Plus, it helps the post office stay afloat?on which we rely every week.


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