So much for cell mistakes

You can’t even make a mistake when you use your cell phone without someone else knowing about it.

For example, I accidentally hit the button on my phone that happened to be brother Mark’s number.

I knew he would see it and call me back, which was perfectly OK. Since there is really no cost in making a video call, why not do it every day?

If you have Wi-Fi in your home, you are already paying for it—and there is no way to pay less for it—the cost of a video call is built in.

We got to talking about what I wrote in my column last week about Oklahoma intentionally fouling KU center Udoka Azubuike, known to miss most of the free throws he takes.

Mark said he looked up the rules. Turns out when you intentionally foul someone without trying to make a play on the ball, it should have been a flagrant one foul. And, therefore, after two of those, I think we decided the fouler should have been ejected.

I tried to find the answer at website about whether what OU did to KU’s big center was legal, but didn’t really find anything definitive. Oh well, the game is over and why should I care? Azubuike did make two free throws against K-State, so I would say he is vastly improved.

The joke I received from my old neighbor from high school days went like this:

Why did the cowboy get a dachsund?

He heard he should, “Get along little Doggie.”

This just in from brother Mark:

K-State coach Bruce Weber said the Wildcats planned to foul Azubuike in a similar manner as the OU HackaDok scheme, but was told by officials before the game that any intentional foul needed to be in the flow of the action or else they would be called as flagrant, which would have given KU two free throws and possession of the ball. If that would have happened at OU, KU probably would have won that game, too.

He got this information from a Matt Tait column on

I received another Almanac—I now have five—in the mail last week from Doug Heerey. It also has tons of information in it about the weather, the stars, planets and when to go fishing, etc.

I’m sure if you want a free almanac, he has more to give out.

It’s hard for me to believe the Free Press will turn 20 years old in August of this year. Where did the time go?

We have lived in three different places in town during that time. Two houses on Adams and Lincoln that have sandwiched an apartment in between.

We are starting to plan a big celebration this year to mark the milestone. I don’t have ownership anymore, but I sometimes act like I do.

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