Snyder has no equal in his sport

All men are supposedly created equal, except when it comes to the football coach at Kansas State.

I do not believe that Bill Snyder has an equal in coaching his sport. There is something about this man that transcends what anyone else can accomplish on the gridiron.

If you bet against him, you may lose your shirt.

New York State has one of the lowest state sales taxes in the nation at just 4 percent—coupled with other local and city taxes, its residents come in at one of the highest in the nation at an average of 8.48 percent.

Tennessee and Arizona are the two top states for average sales tax, including state, county and local taxes.

Four states have no state sales tax at all: Montana, Delaware, New Hampshire and Oregon. But I’ll bet they get their pound of flesh in another manner.

A short while ago, I mentioned there may not be enough time left for me on earth to do everything I would like to do, but there are few that are top of mind—not necessarily in order.

Build a house.

Start another newspaper.

Set up a wood shop where I can make stuff.

I’d probably get support at home for two out of three.

I was researching how many taxes we actually pay and came up with the following list:

1. Ad valorem tax; 2. Build­ing permit tax; 3. Commercial driver’s license tax; 4. Cig­arette tax, 5. Corporate income tax; 6. Dog license tax; 7. Ex­cise taxes; 8. Federal income tax; 9. Federal unemployment tax; 10. Fishing license tax; 11. Food license tax, 12. Fuel permit tax; 13. Gasoline tax (42 cents per gallon), 14. Gross receipts tax; 15. Hotel/ motel tax; 16. Hunting license tax; 17. Inheritance tax; 18. Inventory tax; 19. Liquor tax; 20. Luxury taxes; 21. Marriage license tax; 22. Medicare tax; 23. Personal property tax; 24. Property tax; 25. Real estate tax; 26. Rental car tax; 27. Service charge tax; 28. Social Security tax; 29. Road usage tax; 30. Sales tax; 31. Recre­ational vehicle tax; 32. School tax; 33. State income tax; 34. State unemployment tax; 35. Telephone federal excise tax; 36. Telephone fed­eral universal service fee tax; 37. Telephone federal; state and local surcharge taxes; 38. Tele­phone minimum usage sur­charge tax; 39. Tele­phone re­curring and non-recurring charges tax; 40. Telephone state and local tax; 41. Telephone usage charge tax; 42. Utility taxes; 43. Vehicle license regis­tration tax; 44. Vehicle sales tax; 45. Watercraft registration tax; 46. Well permit tax; 47. Workers compensation tax—and I’m sure there are plenty more to add to the list.

Our niece Whitney works for a sports management company in Los Angeles. One of her clients is currently a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.”

We caught several glimpses of Whitney in the audience in one of the recent shows. Otherwise, you wouldn’t catch me watching.

The local zoo’s star giraffe just resigned unexpectedly. The giraffe said he was proud of his work at the zoo, had no regrets, and was walking out with his head held high.

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