Snow has not delayed us…yet

We lucked out last week with the big snow not delaying delivery of the Free Press.

We may not be as lucky this week, according to the forecast I have been hearing about over the weekend. My frame of mind is: I will believe it when I see it.

I am continually amazed at the power of the sun in clearing off the snow—even when the temperature is well below freezing. If the sun comes out, all is well. The main highways were dry by Friday afternoon.

I was sitting in an Applebee’s in Wichita Friday night and decided to see what Siri could find for Applebee’s restaurants.

She found about seven of them, except the one I was sitting in at the time. Maybe she thinks I am smart enough to know I was already in one and didn’t need to show me the location.

Facebook doesn’t do much for me, except it is a good way to keep up with my children—at least some of the time. I have few friends on it and really don’t want any more because there just isn’t enough time in the day to keep checking it.

My only postings are of plates of food I am partaking in at the time and pics like the large amounts of snow that piled up on our picnic table last week. That’s about it. No politics or religion or stuff like that. I would probably lose more than half of my friends if I posted my politics.

We are living in exciting times as oldest grandson Alex now has his driver’s learner permit in Georgia.

He told us a while back that he and some of his friends are planning a road trip to Kansas in the future.

I am not really big on pets and never have been. In fact, one of the happiest days of my life was when our dog went to live at someone else’s house about 35 years ago.

It’s a little different though when the pet, in this case a dog, belongs to your grandsons.

Wolfie went to live with the Camelis I think about four years ago. He was a surprise that was waiting for the boys when they returned from Kansas one summer. He’s got the waggiest tail of any dog I’ve seen. If it could be harnessed somehow, I think a lot of electricity could be generated.

He is not a purebred by any means and is about the friendliest little animal I have ever been around.

Lately, he will not eat his food unless the already fresh bowl of water next to his food dish is replaced with even fresher water. Amy said the next thing he will probably require will be an ice cube, too.

I just happen to have a picture of the little guy.

Wolfie IMG0063bw
Wolfie IMG0063bw

If I read everything right about the looming sequester coming this week, the automatic cuts amount to about 2 percent of the annual budget. And it doesn’t really cut the amounts from the previous year—it just doesn’t increase as much as it would have without the cuts.


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