Smith can strengthen businesses

We believe it is important for our organization to assist our customers with information that can help them improve their skills and make their businesses stronger.

Next week the Free Press will bring Tim Smith, a national business consultant and trainer from Allentown, Pa., to Hillsboro for several events that we believe will make a difference for our business owners, managers and professional people.

Smith was our presenter in Newton last year for the first Buyer?s Edge Biz Expo and is coming back for the second annual Biz Expo in Newton.

The feedback was so positive from last year that we decided to expand to Marion County this year and hold a first Biz Expo in Hillsboro. From there it grew to our sponsorship of him as the keynote speaker for the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce annual dinner next Monday night.

So, there are three opportunities to hear a dynamic business consultant. The two expos are free with registration, and the other is just a ticket to the annual Chamber dinner.

We are hosting the Marion County expo at Tabor College Wohlgemuth Center Wednesday, Feb. 10. It is open to anyone in Marion County who wishes to attend any or all of the three sessions planned for that day.

The morning will be an informal session devoted to asking questions or bouncing ideas off of Smith; the afternoon will consist of two sessions about how to do business in challenging times.

We have seven exhibitors who have signed on to help sponsor this day. Full details are available on the Free Press Web site:

The second annual Biz Expo in Newton will be Thursday, Feb. 11 at Memorial Hall on the Bethel College campus in North Newton. This event also is free and is hosted by the Buyer?s Edge with assistance from 28 additional exhibitors.

Registration and details for this event can be found at

I have been to dozens of presentations in my career, and I am positive you will not be disappointed in the presentations you will see. Please register now.


If you have noticed me hobbling around the past few days, there?s a reason.

This past Friday, I was walking across the street to Baker Bros. Printing when, because of the snow, I missed the curb, tripped, and fell flat on the sidewalk. At first I thought I had broken my left kneecap. About 20 minutes later pain was coming from my right thigh. Then I noticed that my left elbow hurt and a day later my right shoulder became sore as heck.

I determined later that all of the stuff that I carry in my right pants pocket got driven into my thigh from the impact. Today there is a black and blue spot the size of Alaska on it. It even looks a little like Alaska.


One of my coworkers at the office thanked me, in a way, for falling down. She said my hobbling reminded her to be careful when out in the snow and ice.

Glad I was able to help.


Overheard on the bus in Wichita when it passed by the new arena downtown: ?That sure is a big bank.?


A lot of money is tainted. It taint yours and it taint mine.

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