Smarts have their limitation

Being somewhat intelligent isn’t always the answer.

A few weeks ago, Nancy was planning to send a card to a family here in town who had just lost a family member. The phone book, however, did not yield a physical address as they probably just use a cell phone now and the address of where they live isn’t in the phone book.

So I offered to help—and this is where things went wrong. I thought I would drive by the house and get the house number that way.

I drove by but couldn’t see any numbers on the house, including those on either side of the house I was looking for.

Then I got the bright idea of going to the office and looking in my stash of old phone books for the person who used to live there.

I did that and wrote the number on the card and mailed it. I told Nancy what I did and she said that the house they lived in was next to the one I used from the phone book.

Well, I tried.

Those of you who know Phoebe Janzen will want to stop by the Free Press office next Tuesday afternoon on Valentines Day to pick up a copy of her new book, titled “Women of Marion County,” and have it personally autographed. Those of you who don’t know her will also want to stop by and meet her as she is good to know.

It has been a real joy working with Phoebe to put this book of her photographs together.

The trip to Kansas City for my follow-up visit with my surgeon was another interesting experience.

I had been having some problems with my computer, and for some reason told the desk clerk at our hotel about it. He volunteered that he was an expert on Mac computers and everything Apple.

Next visit I plan to bring a Mac that doesn’t work and have him take a look at it.

We checked in our room on Wednesday night in plenty of time to watch the KU-Baylor game. But when I went to find the channel on our TV, it wasn’t there. I thought they must have ESPN2, but no.

As I was having a panic attack and mumbling under my breath, Nancy went to the lobby and found the game on there. We found out later that they have more channels in the lobby than in the rooms.

We actually had the entire lobby to ourselves and had a much bigger TV to boot to view the game. I don’t know what I’d do without my wife. She is one of a kind, which I have known for more than 50 years.

Grandson Alex told me when we saw him in November that he was planning to drive a campus bus at the University of Georgia when he turned 19. He is an excellent driver, by the way, and turned 19 in January.

He applied and I have heard he is on his way to becoming a bus driver. Who knew?

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