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I am 100 percent convinced that our future lies in having smoking fast Internet in this town.

I have had people tell me that their children who have moved away would move back and bring their jobs and families with them if we had the 1 gigabyte fiber service up and down.

If you are interested, and want to help a start-up company, Superior Fiber, just go to their website and register for the service. If you want to know where they are already providing fiber internet service, you won’t find one mentioned. Hillsboro would be the first community to receive the service through Superior Fiber.

I completely believe in start-up companies, if you know what I mean.

According to company’s representatives, Hillsboro would be Superior Fiber Commun­ication’s headquarters; they would have an office, equipment and employees to manage and maintain the service.

If you are interested in smoking fast internet go here: https://www.super, scroll to the bottom of the home page, fill out the registration form and then share this with your friends. This would be a giant step forward in Hillsboro’s economic development.

With Superior Fiber, you would be able to set up Wi-Fi in your home, where everyone in the family and your guests could be doing whatever they want at the same time: Netflix, Hulu, data-free phone conversations, FaceTime, Duo, Google Hangouts—and no chunking while you are at it.

Folks, this is 250 to almost 1,000 times faster than what we currently have available, and for about the same price.

I have already signed up. What are you waiting for?

I got the staples out of my head this past Friday. The new Hillsboro Clinic sure is nice. I thought I had received eight staples, but there were nine. And I got to keep them—don’t know what I will do with them, but I have them.

I thought my staple-created cowlick would be gone once the staples were out, but my hair still won’t lie down.

Maybe when all of the junk and clots disappear I will be back in business.

This is not an invitation to stop by our house during the night, but I actually left the front door open one night. Maybe that’s not as bad as leaving my keys in the door, because someone could have taken them and made copies of them—but then they would have had just about as hard of a time figuring out where they go as I do.

I think I mentioned we planted trees in our front yard on Arbor Day.

One is doing really well, and the other one looks like we may have killed it.

How can a person kill a tree but just putting it in the ground? We’re still tying to figure out if there still might be hope for it. Do we wait or plant another one now?

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