Shaving in the shower has pros, cons

I?ve been shaving for more than 40 years now and I?ve never shaved in the shower until last week.

The cord was barely long enough.

  • Actually I don?t use an electric razor. I just made that up, and here?s where that came from.

    Don and I sometimes ask each other if we know of anything new that the other should know about. So I asked Don if he ever shaved in the shower. He said no because he has an electric shaver.

  • My wife is smart in a lot of ways, and I can thank her once more for coming up with the idea of inexpensive shelving for our new office in the apartment.

    All it cost was a gallon of vinegar. How?s that, you say?

    We used the wooden shelving from her store that has been in the basement of her building for the past five years. Since the metal brackets, bolts and hardware were on the floor, they had become quite corroded. Dampness had seeped into the box in which they were stored.

    I tried Coke, but the vinegar seemed to do a better job. Once it was mixed with baking soda it really got to work.

  • I learned what to use from a simple search on the Internet. I also learned that some banks won?t accept green pennies and you can clean them using ketchup. The acid does the trick.

  • We?re pretty jazzed about a new feature on our Free Press Web site. We now have an interactive pdf of the printed version of the newspaper that is searchable. It also contains an advertiser index that links you to a business?s Web site or provides an e-mail contact.

    You might want to give it a test drive. You can turn the pages by clicking in the corner of the page, view the entire paper with a thumbnail of each page and, as we get further down the road, have a complete archive of each paper available to you.

  • We were in Kansas City this past weekend so Nancy could shop for fall at the apparel market. I?m the chauffeur, body guard, etc.

    Wanting to go out for dinner, we decided to walk to a nearby restaurant since it would be safer than driving somewhere.

    As we split to walk around a pillar just outside the door of the hotel there was a patch of ice from a downspout. As I said, ?Watch out!? Nancy slips and is on the way down. I tried to catch her and we both were on the ground.

    So much for safety. We ended up driving anyway.

  • I had the opportunity to visit with Vera Harder at Park Homes recently. We got to talking about Tabor College and that she had attended in the 1930s.

    I asked her if she remembered the old barn that was located in a field to the west of the college. She said she sure did. In fact she played basketball there when women played full court. It changed to a half-court game later, she said. Supposedly because girls couldn?t run that far. Ha!

    When I was a kid, we?d go to that old barn on Saturdays and go nuts in there playing ball and running around.

  • Oven update. A serviceman came out and unplugged a wire harness and plugged it back in. Now it works again. Nothing should be that easy.

  • That would be what is called a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem. A roll of duct tape also works for many repairs.

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