Seeing straight again

If my mom were still alive she would be 103 this Wednesday Oct. 3.

It kind of puts things in perspective for me. Some­times she was 30 years older and sometimes 31 years older.

I am quite certain now that I won’t make it to 103 but I know where I am headed one of these days.

There is no denying it, or hoping it won’t happen because it will. If you think I feel that something is imminent, I do not. Just a fact.


We headed up to the KU Eye Clinic this past Thursday for a follow up visit that took all of ten minutes tops to find out that my left eye is now aligned perfectly with my right eye and the double visiion I have been fighting for the past three years is gone. And for good I hope.

The surgery itself was on outpatient status and when we drove down the road I opened my eyes and lo and behold all I saw was one of everything out into the distance.


I just spelled visiion with two ii’s for the fun of it and because I thought people might laugh.


The trip to KC wasn’t a total loss, in that we ate breakfast at First Watch in Prairie Village or was it Overland Park, I never know where we are.

Anyway I had an Inspired Italian Omelet which was to go crazy over.

It included roasted red peppers, tomatoes, Italian Sausage with some mozzarella and parmesan cheese and a host of herbs and spices.

I asked Nancy if we could make this at home and she said if we go to the store we can. Can’t wait.


I couldn’t remember the name of the omelet, so I went online to find out. I won’t be doing that again as it showed how many calories were in that dish!


A nice lady from southern Marion County area called last week to ask about my eye surgery. She had an eye problem, too.

We talked for a while and determined that my condition was much different than hers.

She also asked a great question as to why I would go all the way to KU Medi­cal Center when there were plenty of places closer by.

I think I told her that our family had many good experiences there with medical care. I forgot to say that I was referred there by a Newton specialist.


I think I may have only told this joke, but I don’t think I have ever put it in this column.

Since the subject seems to be about the eyes, there was this woman eating in a restaurant and sneezed rather hard and her glass eye flew out and a gentleman seated close to her reached out and caught it.

She then proceeded to invite him over for dinner for a six course meal. Part way through the delicious dinner the gentleman asked her if she fed all of her invitees in this way and she says, “You’re the first one who caught my eye.”


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