Seedless melons are the best

I was told last week that seedless watermelons were developed by a Mennonite who attended Goshen College.

In my research I was not able to get to the bottom of it and find a name. At any rate, I am thankful for seedless watermelon.

And I really don?t eat watermelon unless it is cut up. Then if the seeds are taken out, it makes it even better.


When we picked up Amy and George at the airport last week I was hoping we hadn?t parked in the short-term lot long enough to owe anything. I believe a stay of 30 minutes or less is free.

When I handed the parking attendant my ticket, she ran it through the machine and said, ?No charge.?

I don?t know why, but I blurted that I wanted a receipt. She gave me a look like I haven?t seen very often.


It happens every year that we are chastised for not printing the fair results in the paper right after the fair. The results are included this week, and the reason they are delayed a week is that we didn?t receive them until last week?s paper was printed. Not to mention that it takes significant time to prepare them for print as they now appear.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated this year. We know everyone works hard prior to the fair and that it takes lots of effort to make those entries happen.


True to form, it actually rained during the fair again this time. Not much, but it did rain.


This issue marks the beginning of our 13th year of publishing the Free Press. My feeling is that we are on the way to reaching 100 years?in a short 88 more years.

I most likely won?t be here for that celebration, but who knows who might be here then. Whom?ever it is, they may not have been born yet.


Nothing is perfect and that includes our Free Press Web site.

I know people struggle with accessing info in our ?Breaking News? section on the home page. I recently learned that if you click on the ?Breaking News? head, it will open all of the items within. In other words, the scrolling will not be an issue.

Or if you like, just refresh the page and quickly click on the item you wish to read. It is the first item that disappears quickly. We?ll have to work on a permanent solution.


Our sports guy, John Giffin, and his color man, Dale Vogel, who helps people with ads, are teaming up to bring Tabor College football broadcasts to the Free Press Web site this fall.

The plan is that all Bluejay home games will be streamed this year. The duo started a sports talk show a few months ago called ?Sports Brunch.? Y you can listen to it via your computer.

Currently, you can hear Tabor coach Mike Gardner?s comments and more from the KCAC coaches meetings and media day in Salina last Friday.


I?m sitting here putting on my socks this morning and one of them has a hole in it. It occurred to me that at this stage in life, I don?t have to wear socks with holes since I have dozens more of the same kind. I always get the same kind?black.

So my policy from now on is, if a sock has a hole where it shouldn?t be, it goes in the wastebasket.

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