Schaeffler hat around for viewing

There?s more about Hillsboro?s past that I meant to write about last week, but forgot to mention.

When I was at Molly?s on Main, Sharon showed me a hat and the box it came in that belonged to the elder Schaeffler. It came from Marga Ebel?s estate. It is a cool looking Stetson or derby, I?m not sure which.

It makes you want to wear a hat sometime and it can be viewed at Molly?s, where I believe it is on display.


We spent a long weekend in Atlanta to see the Camelis and to take in the annual Little 5 Points Halloween Parade. It has become one of the bigger events in the South and draws around 35,000 people.

George, Amy and the boys participate in this event with the Cameli?s Pizza bus and pull a rock band, The El Camino?s, behind it in a flat-bed trailer.

George drives the bus and Amy and the boys and some of their friends walk beside handing out candy and special coupons for the pizza place along the parade route.

They started out with a laundry basket full of candy and even with handing out one piece at a time, it was gone before they finished the parade route.

This year?s theme was ?Grease,? so the boys wore white T-shirts and slicked back their hair.


We took in an Ultimate match between Alex?s Inman Middle School Eagles and the Holy Innocents Bears private school. It is co-ed Frisbee and kind of works like soccer and football.

Kids were everywhere and substitutions were made freely after every point was scored.

Alex made a really nice long pass for a score from mid-field.


We overheard Alex telling younger brother Louis that it would be a good idea to mingle with the kids on the team since he would be playing next year and he told him, ?It?s always a good idea to know kids older than you.?


Unfortunately, the KU/K-State football game was on cable in Atlanta. I think I would have liked it better if it hadn?t been available to watch.

Everyone in Jayhawk land is scratching their heads to try to understand what happened. I think I have the short answer. Bill Snyder is back in business and is able to make the most of the talent he has available at all times.

It is going to be really hard for KU to sell any more of their remaining tickets this season.


We?re excited about our live video stream and broadcast of the Tabor College football games this season. Since we are new at it, there are a few things that needed to be worked out.

Bruce Jost is an excellent play-by-play announcer with a passion for the game, and our sports guy, John Giffin, adds a nice touch with the color. John is the one who put the whole package together.

I picked up the game in Atlanta and thought the broadcast was the best one yet. We are also pleased that Hillsboro Ford is sponsoring the rest of the broadcasts this season.

The next game?and broadcast?will be the Bethel rivalry game in North Newton on Saturday.


The Free Press will be publishing a reprint of ?Hillsboro, City on the Prairie? by Ray?mond Wiebe (1985), which will be available in November. It contains a wealth of information about Hillsboro?s history. Details will be coming soon.

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