Saying goodbye to friends

Nancy’s Aunt Lil of Hesston passed away on Feb. 4 at the age of 89 and was the last living relative of that generation.

She was funny and liked to laugh—a lot. My father-in-law, Ennis, was her brother and when they were together you never knew what would be said.

Dr. A.R. Claassen died the same day, on Feb. 4 at the age of 63, following an illness. Dr. Randy Claassen will always be remembered by me as the one who saved me from dying of a heart attack.

When I was told I had heartburn, he said, “Uh-uh.” He put me on a treadmill and said I flunked the test big time. He told me to go home and not do anything until I could see Dr. Reusser the next day.

I needed to get a printer for my home office so I emailed my friend and newspaper guru Kevin Slimp of Knoxville, Tenn., what would be the best printer to buy. He told me which one and I ordered it without checking anything else and he is right.

The Xerox Phaser 6510 is the bomb. Not expensive and prints fast and in color or black and white, one side or two and is a laser printer. He said to get the generic toner which I have already done, which is relatively cheap and comes in four replacements for CMYK. (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). That way you only need to replace the one cartridge that runs out.

And it prints with wifi so I can print from my phone. Very handy.

Kevin Slimp is the inventor of the pdf workflow that is used by every printer in the U.S. at least almost every printer in the country.

He came up with this process when he was working with USA Today when they needed to get files sent for presses all across the country so the national newspaper could all have the exact same look every day. Amazing!

The place where I bought the replacement toner was asking for a review from me shortly after I received it.

I responded—how could I review it if I hadn’t even used it yet?

In retirement I never thought about not having to go out in the weather. This past week I stayed inside for three days because of the ice. Well…I did go out on the front porch twice just to say I went outside.

The other night when it was raining snow and ice we got our flashlights and stuff all ready and then the power didn’t go off.

On the PLS group FB page someone asked the question about how they retired and many were forced into it by their employers.

I’m glad I got to decide and didn’t have any objections from my boss.

Mother to son: “If you slip and fall on the ice and break your leg, don’t come running to me.”

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