Saving gas, and thinking in the morn

Now that it is a little cooler these days I am actually taking my advice from a good number of years ago.

Instead of starting up my truck the moment I get in, I am buckling up first, in order to save the idle time from trying to cool off the cab. This will not only save gas but make me think first thing in the morning.

I didn’t mention this last week, but my condition has no cause and no cure at this point. And it is progressive and mine so far is progressing slowly.

And since there is no known cause I have joined a clinical study at KU Medical Center to try to figure out what this PLS thing is all about. It is a three year study that I will partake in every six months on my regular visit to see my neurologist.

I’ve had this $50.00 Series EE Saving Bond lying around for years, 27.25- to be exact. I originally paid $25.00 for it in June of 1991.

Drumroll please. Now it was worth a whopping $92.06 for a net gain of $67.06.

I tried to figure the compounded interest rate but my HP12C calculator couldn’t spit out the answer.

I have never been a math whiz so no wonder I couldn’t figure the rate.

We have been watching the hurricane bearing down on the east coast like I am sure many midwesterners have these days who have family members living on the east coast.

Ashville, NC, where Louis is in school, is supposed to get up to 12 inches of rain with less in Athens and Atlanta, where Alex and his parents live in that order.

It was Explore Kansas Day at the State Fair on opening day last Friday. Larry Hatteberg and our own Lindsey Young were presenters at a Talk Twenty type format for Explore Kansas which was new this year.

We went for the first time in years, and it seemed like about every other year we had been there in the past for everything else.

Had to take a train ride and eat a pronto pup and watch the pig races.

We met a friend from my MBP salesman days whom I called on in Hutchinson at the Pride of Kansas Building for a roast beef sandwich and bierrocks. She volunteers in the office of the fair.

Later we went back for some cherry cobbler and ice cream at my request.

If you are a pro football fan or not, the game Sunday night between the Bears and the Packers was a game to watch, especially the fourth quarter when Aaron Rodgers brought the Pack back on one leg after being injured earlier.

And if you haven’t seen any highlights of Pooka Williams of the Jayhawks just go to and search for him with the words high school football highlights. Amazing!

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