Save date for HHS reunion

Start planning for the HHS All School reunion during homecoming, which is sometime during late September and early to mid-October.

We don’t have the date yet, but save time during this time of year to attend. The class of 1968 is celebrating its 50th anniversary of graduation this year.

Watch for details for the all-school reunion on the Free Press website:

Where did last year go? However, I am extremely glad it is over. There is no way that the year 2018 won’t be better than 2017 for me personally.

I was told a story recently about this guy’s elderly aunt who drove from Oklahoma to Kansas in her shiny white Cadillac and asked a nephew to check her tires because she thought they had been making a goofy noise all the way.

He looks at her tires and said they looked just fine to him. Come to find out that she had been driving on the rumble strips most of the way.

I think there are too many bowl games. At least one half of D-1 schools are invited to some type of bowl or another. When you see them on TV, the stands are not nearly full.

I know it’s about the money, but shouldn’t the school at least have a winning record to be invited?

They could make one exception in that K-State should be invited every year no matter their record. I truly believe they can beat anybody any year given the extra time to prepare.

Have you heard that things happen in threes? That was the case at our house last week.

First, the freezer quit in the fridge out in our garage, but I think that’s because of the cold weather that didn’t allow the refrigerator part to run because it didn’t need to because of the cold temperatures. Since the entire unit runs off of one compressor, if the refrigerator part doesn’t run, then the freezer doesn’t either.

The problem with running the refrigerator part colder, you take the risk of the items in the fridge freezing up as well.

Then our furnace quit the day after Christmas. It’s a good thing we insulated our attic and the temp only dropped to 63 degrees.

That was fixed, then the next day our garage door opener didn’t work.

That is fixed now, too, so all is well for the moment.

Since I am not supposed to lift my arms over my head, climb ladders, or lift more than eight pounds, there wasn’t much I can do. We are thankful that we have local people who are willing to help us. We are happy to pay to get things back on track.

I haven’t shaved since Dec. 1, so I am saying that the woolly look is in—at least until Jan. 15 when the neck collar comes off.

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