Saturday night was memorable

It was a night like I hadn’t seen for more than 10 years this past Saturday. According to reports, Kansas had 97 tornadoes, although some may be duplicated reports by storm spotters. Anyway, dozens of them came in several waves.

Since living in our upstairs apartment downtown, we had never had to run for cover. After thinking out loud for a bit, we jumped in our car and went to Nancy?s mom?s house and took shelter in her basement.

The sirens wailed in Hills?boro for almost an hour, which was quite eerie and the one time I ran upstairs to look outside it was as calm as could be with heavy, thick air. I know you shouldn?t do this, but doesn?t everybody do it?

I think the warning given the day before, that the storms were a big possibility, had a lot to do with everyone staying safe.

Part of the prom, I hear, was spent in the locker rooms at the school. Wouldn?t that be special.

I didn?t miss any sleep that night?even though more thunderstorms came through during the night.


I don?t know how many people eat beef jerky. I love that stuff. And I think it is good for your teeth to tear off a chunk and chew on it for a while. It might be the saltiness that makes it so good. Would it be considered carrion?


I learned a completely new way of digitizing the old Kodak slides recently. I have to credit my parents with providing me the tools to come up with this new idea.

They are the ones who owned a Kodak carousel slide projector, which we inherited from them.

The way to do this is to place a large sheet of foamcore board vertically for the screen. Project the slides onto the foamcore and then set up a 35mm SLR camera on a tripod. Turn the lights off and shoot the slides projected on the wall with the camera.

Make sure the camera file size is set to the highest quality.

I was feeling really smart when I got this to work like a charm. This method, as opposed to scanning the slides one by one on a flatbed scanner, beats the other method by a mile and a half.


I don?t believe I even wore my heaviest coat this past winter?if you can call it that.


I was going to write about those green bushes with white flowers on them that normally bloom around Memorial Day that are already blooming but thought I wouldn?t because I didn?t know how to spell Spirea.

I don?t know why I even hesitated as it is very simple to Google any word?and you can know how to spell it in seconds.

If you can get close to the spelling it will ask you??Did you mean…,? with the word spelled correctly.


One of the advantages of drinking just one diet pop a day is that I have a lot more change in my pocket. In fact I now have too much change. I guess I?ll just have to find something else to do with it until we collect pennies for MCC next year.


Nancy thinks I?m starting to lose my mind. She asked me if I put a certain check in the bank last week to cover an IRS estimate, and then I couldn?t remember if I had. I sort of remembered doing it, but then didn?t remember which bank. I hate that when it happens. At least I could go online and figure it out.

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