Salute to coolest mom ever

I had one of the coolest moms ever. When I was little, I didn’t think so all of the time because of the spankings she would dish out. I must have been in trouble a lot, based on the corporal punishment I received.

When I became an adult—I am not totally sure when that occurred—I found she was a very wise woman. Had she lived until today she would be 100 years old.

She had a great sense of humor and gave lots of good advice. If we ever came into a little money now and then, and I mean a little, she would always say—save a little, spend a little and share a little. That is good advice any time.

When I recently read in the Free Press that the co-op had built a third storage silo here in town, I could hardly believe it was done without me knowing it. I have always thought of myself as a fairly observant person. It appears, with a larger than normal crop out in the fields, they’re going to need it.

Have you ever been working with tools only to find you cannot locate a tool you have just used? It happens to me all of the time, and I learned that my son has the same affliction. In fact, so did my dad.

Our county certainly has a big conundrum going on. We definitely need more people living here in order to be able to have all of the services that we would like to have because we need the tax base to make it happen.

But on the other hand the lack of people makes for the type of lifestyle that we also want and that is why we live here.

My mom told me once about a woman in Mountain Lake, Minn., who would say to people that someone must have been a very cute baby, when they were actually saying a person was homely.

My mom was good at laughing, sometimes uncontrollably. When my dad would try to discipline his children at the supper table in his sternist manner, she would invariably break out laughing and the discipline session was over almost before it started.

Not that you are interested, but the knives I lost last week have already been replaced.

Dan gave me a box­-cutter knife he wasn’t using anymore, and my mom-in-law gave me one that had more gadgets than my old one.

But I needed a toothpick and a tweezers and ordered my exact same Swiss Army knife I have always carried from our friendly hardware people.

I don’t want to make too much of the spankings I used to receive, but I have never seen my mom so mad as when she broke a yardstick during a spanking.

My dad was worse. He would make me go to the woodshop and find a board; if it wasn’t heavy enough, I was sent back to get a better one.

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