Reunion will soon be here

It?s high time to get serious about the Hills?boro High School all-school reunion coming up Saturday, May 24.

Our committee has been meeting regularly now and we are about ready to send out the Oracle with all of the information about the event.

As has been custom, the 10-year classes will have updated lists and the rest of the classes maybe not so up-to-date?except for the classes who just had significant reunions recently.

We always hear about alums who have never received the Oracle. It has never been our intent to miss anyone. It?s just that there is no way to have a completely accurate list and have perfection in delivery by the post office. This is just how it works.

The information piece known as the Oracle should be in the mail by the first week in March.

If you read this and haven?t received a copy by the middle of March, please contact me at the Free Press, 620-947-1923 or by email to the address at the bottom of this column.


I am excited that this year is the 50th anniversary of the graduation of my class at Hillsboro High. I also serve on that committee; a mailing will be going to the Class of ?64 in the near future. We have already sent out a ?save the date? mailing requesting information for a booklet that I will be putting together for the class.

Many have already responded, but wish to hear from many more. They will have an opportunity to respond with the new mailing going out.


This year?s honorees are Coach Leroy Schmidt, who was our football coach, and Lee Albrecht, who carries the title of ?Mr. Every?thing,? since he has done about everything at the school, including teaching, coaching and bus driving.

Our emcee is new this time around?none other than Brad Penner of the Class of ?74, which is celebrating its 40th year out of school.


The date on this week?s issue would be my dad?s 98th birthday if he were still living. I can?t think about high school days without thinking of him because he was my principal, too.

I skipped school one day in my life and he saw me running across the parking lot from the window on the east landing between the first and second floors of the original building.

Basically, I could never get away with anything. I was dismissed from a class for cracking sunflower seeds one time and thought I would hide in the bathroom until the next class. Guess what?he was in the bathroom and knew I didn?t belong there at that time.


It?s fun to work with the Hillsboro Middle School yearbook club again this year. I am amazed at how creative they are. Their theme is simply fantastic.

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