Reunion weekend went well

Transitioning into retirement has been harder than I thought. I have been extremely busy at work. Believe me, I am not complaining. The work just keeps coming without me doing anything to make it happen. If you know enough people, the word gets around.

This old boy decided to drive into the city and have lunch at a fancy restaurant and sit outdoors on the sidewalk out front.

He ordered the soup and then it started to rain quite heavily and for a long time.

It took him almost two hours to finish his soup.

I always say if you can’t learn anything when you are around a large group of people, you are not talking with anyone.

One of the guys at the HHS All-School Reunion told me he dated a girl the last semester his senior year and that was the only time in his four years of high school that he made the honor roll.

This time around we had about 50 alumni eating lunch in school and participating in the school tour and six other activities with the students: such as archery in the middle school gym and trying to escape from a darkened room from a batch of clues you had to find in the dark. They did give us a flashlight.

I enjoyed the Class of 1967 crew who drove their muscle and classic cars in the homecoming parade and the two trailers with the class of 1957 and 1967 on them.

The current kids got a charge out of them going through and maybe it can grow each year. It most likely won’t be 90-plus degrees every year either during homecoming week.

Enjoyed having brother Mark in town for the Class of 1967’s 50th reunion. His class had the biggest group by far in town for the big event.

The Tabor College chimes are again in action beginning last week after more than a year’s absence. It seems as though they are somewhat quieter and the music sounds more like a carillon, where the notes are more full and less pure, which I happen to like better.

Nancy says my hearing has changed and it sounds the same as before.

I really enjoyed the story told by Allen Klassen about the class of 1977 at the all-school reunion.

He said one April Fools Day when his class was attending the old Suncrest School about three miles north of town, the teachers posted a sign that school was to be out at noon on April 1. So his class obeyed and walked back to town at noon.

If you need advice on how to hold a class reunion in the future, you need to talk to Bob and Judy Jantz, Darold and Bev Klein or Shirley Suderman for tips.

They threw a first-class party for the class of 1967.

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