Reunion was great once again

The Hills?boro High School all-school reunion Saturday night was another blast. Max Hein?richs, who will become the new HHS principal in a few weeks, was the emcee and did a marvelous job hosting the event.

The food was great, the crowd was larger than last year and some of the stories were just plain hilarious.

It appears we don?t really get interested in coming back to a class reunion until about 20 years out, which has been the case for the past several years.

Mark your calendars for May 23, 2009, which is the date for the next all-school reunion at ?dear old Hillsboro High.?


  • I mentioned last week that I was into a new British dish called ?Bangers and Mash.? It?s not something I would eat every day, but now I know where I can get it, thanks to my wife?s perceptive eye for what is available in this world. It can be ordered at a relatively new British-style pub named Firkin and Bull on Wichita?s west side.

  • I?ve recently started using two drinking straws instead of one. It?s kind of a dual exhaust in reverse, and it?s so refreshing to get cold liquid streaming into both sides of my mouth.

  • What I didn?t know before the reunion was that Jim Hiebert (Class of ?57) was a lifeguard at the new Hillsboro swimming pool in 1955. Kids like me who lived at the pool then have him to thank for keeping us safe when we were oblivious to what it meant to use our heads.

  • Jim and Bob Stratman (Class of ?58) were telling us about the bus trips they took to Newton to go swimming before the Hills?boro pool was built. Then, after swimming, they would stop at the Dairy Queen and get ice cream for the trip back.

  • There are always two sides to any story. I was reading in Wired magazine about some inconvenient truths about ?going green.?

    In the latest issue some activities that actually help our planet may not be what you think. For example, it could be better to buy a used car than a hybrid, or old-growth forests actually contribute to global warming.

    For the full article go to and click on ?inconvenient truths? located on the right side of the home page.

  • I was watching a special on PBS about Harry S. Truman the other night. It is unfortunate we don?t have anyone like him to cast our vote for president these days. It?s been said that the our choice as the next president has never been more critical than it is right now. If that?s the case, I think we?re really in trouble.

  • Do the senators who are running for president get full pay while they are campaigning? Of course they do.

  • High school sports is big in these parts and gets a lot of attention. But we have many talented students who do other things extremely well.

    For example, Music Theater of Wichita awarded top prizes to at least 10 Hillsboro and Marion entries for musicals performed during the school year. Details can be found in the Schools section in this week?s Free Press.

  • Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, claims if ?none of the above? were on the ballot for president, that option would win. He would run for office but the two main parties don?t want anyone other than Republicans or Democrats on the ballot.

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