Reunion is soon upon us

Excite­ment is building for the annual HHS  All-School Reunion.

I am looking foward to attending the event Friday during school to visit classes and tour the building along with the homecoming game on Friday night and the banquet on Saturday evening.

Holy cow. It is my wife’s 50th-year class reunion.

On out recent trip we spent a whole week with Dan and Katie, which we both have not ever done.

The food has been way above average as Katie has a knack for whipping out the most fantastic dishes.

She knows I like clam chowder, and hers was the best I have ever had.

We all took a day trip to Crater Lake, which is about 100 miles from Bend, Ore., last week.

I hadn’t been there for 63 years. I went there in 1953 with my parents and siblings.

We saw chipmunks whose ancestors I had seen way back when. Not sure how many generations there have been in between, but quite a few and they looked just the same as their forebears.

The first Saturday in Bend, Dan and I watched college football all day beginning at 9 a.m. since we were on Pacific time.

We watched clear into the evening. Luckily, the first game was the worst and it got better from then on. The rest of the football season for the Kansas Jayhawks is looking pretty bleak.

When at Crater Lake we had lunch at the lodge and I had the pan-seared trout with the little guy’s head on the plate along with his little pan-seared body laid out flat.

I also ordered some clam chowder because I love that stuff. After eating Katie’s clam chowder, the lodge should be embarrassed to serve what it did.

We gassed up the car in Bend before starting for home on Saturday. You may already know that in Oregon you are not allowed to pump your own gas.

When we stopped at the Shell station on our way out of town on Highway 20 East, Edward served our gas to us. He was a very friendly guy and called me by name after I gave him my credit card.

Our first stop on the trek back to Kansas was Twin Falls, Idaho; believe it or not, we made it there on just one tank of gas, and it was more than 400 miles. I have never gone that far on a tank of gas before.

It must have been downhill most of the way because there is nothing else that can explain that kind of distance on one tank of gas. Plus, the speed limit in Idaho is 80 mph, which we almost had to drive to keep from getting run over.

I didn’t know this either, but eastern Oregon ships more than a billion pounds of onions each year. All with irrigation. My eyes didn’t water one time.

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