Reunion is soon upon us

The Hills?boro High All-School Reunion is next month, May 24. But don?t be fooled, next month is tomorrow. I plan to send in our money to our committee treasurer Cynthia Fleming this week.

I just finished printing the window pictures for the classes of 1944, 1954, 1964 (that?s us), 1974 and 1984 from the pdf files of the yearbooks I created at various times in the past. In the next few days or maybe a week, these photos will be displayed by class in the windows of various businesses that have a connection to one of the graduates. Everyone around town will be able to see and remember what we looked like as HHS seniors.

A printout of the actual yearbook pages will be located inside the business if you need to know the name that goes with a photo.

Ages range from about 38 to 88 present day if you were 18 years old when you graduated.


Our special guests will be Coach Leroy Schmidt and wife Vicky, and Lee Albrecht and wife Verda.

You won?t want to miss the special music. I know who it is, but need to leave a little mystery about the event.


Many from my class have already indicated they are coming and I am eager to see them again. Not all can make it; many said they would have planned to come if they hadn?t already made commitments elsewhere.


If you haven?t received the information about the all-school reunion you can get it all right here on the Free Press website: https://pages.hillsboro
_Revised.pdf. Or use the QR code with your SmartPhone scanner.


Nothing beats waking up to a little thunder and rain like we had Sunday morning. Mother Nature showed us she could make it rain again. Now she needs to take it to another level.


I?m starting to believe that when you get older things just don?t get done as fast as they used to.

I am finally discovering that my new shop does indeed have a floor in it as I have been little by little getting it put together.

In a couple more months it should be ready to use. I was planning to get some junk out to the curb for the city clean-up week, but will probably end up having to haul the stuff off myself at a later time. I am just not ready yet.


My new saying is, ?I used to burn the candle at both ends, and now I just burn it at one end.?


Our bushes and trees are all greening up except for one set of bushes, or whatever they are. I?ve heard they are late bloomers.

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