Repairs take longer than you think

Why is it a repair around the home or office always takes three times longer than expected?

Two Satur?days ago I was going to replace a really gross and stained sink in one of our office bathrooms.

I thought I had everything I needed before starting, but ended up making at least two trips to the hardware store. I am glad they choose to be open on Saturday afternoon. In fact, I don?t try any repair without knowing I can get what I need.

Anyway, I had a used sink I found in the shed in the back that was much better than the one we had. So I took the old one off and then discovered that the hangers were too far apart to work with the replacement sink.


I nearly jumped and yelled at the pharmacy when Myrna told me I could save $500 on my drug expense next year. My premium will go up about $24 per year but I?ll gladly pay it to save the big dough.

And one of my drugs that has been going up like a helium balloon will go generic at mid-year for even more savings.


Had to turn off the sound for the KU-UK game because of Dick Vitale. I learned that one of our former sports writers had to do the same thing.


I have seen three backward J-turns in the past few days. Two in person while standing on the street, and one from the downtown webcam on our website.


Hints from me, aka Heloise. Microwave tips. For best results, move the container around if you don?t have a turntable, and, if you do have a turntable, don?t put it in the center. If the item being heated stays in one place the waves don?t move around and that yields very hot food in some places and cold spots in others.


While in Atlanta recently, the boys and I found a geocache across the street from their house. Actually it was 41 yards from their front door. The cache we found had a really neat tarantula made from old wire. Louie wanted it, so he ran home and got a toy car to put in the container for the exchange.

Next summer when they?re in Kansas, Alex and Louie want to take a two-day road trip to see some of the sights in the ?8 Wonders of Kansas? book as we do some geocaching.


I now read the Wichita Eagle on my computer as I eat my oatmeal and toast weekdays in the morning since they provide only Sunday delivery now.

Many folks around the county had received daily delivery of that paper for years and didn?t like giving it up. We attempted to keep it coming to Marion County, and I had two meetings with Eagle personnel but couldn?t make it happen. There just wasn?t enough money in it, which is why they stopped delivering to our county. Loss of subscribers contributed to the loss of revenue and ultimately the loss of service.


After Les Anderson?s service Saturday we were going to lunch with friends Joe and Marilynn Norris. I said, ?Is that a Dream?liner?? Joe said he thought it was a Windjammer or Tercel or something. I was looking in the sky and he was looking at the car in front of us.

The new Boeing Dreamliner made its first stop in Wichita this past Saturday. It looks really sleek in the sky.

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