Relay pulls us together each year

Relay for Life is the hope that loved ones lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who are battling cancer will be supported and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

This annual event is one of many good causes that brings people from Marion County together and rotates between Marion and Hillsboro locations. It will be at the Tabor College track in Hillsboro beginning at 7 p.m. July 20 and ending at 7 a.m. July 21. If you haven?t experienced the relay there is still time to find a team or sponsor someone. For more information contact Ralph Kreutziger at 620-382-2215.

  • It has been said the complexity of one?s life can be determined solely by the number of keys a person has in their possession.

    I think I could go for a key for one car and a key for one living space.

  • It?s been in the news that the demand for blood is on the rise and that donations are in decline. You can do something about it Friday, June 22, when the Red Cross Bloodmobile will be in Hillsboro at the American Legion from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    I used to donate every time the bloodmobile came to town, but a few years back they found some enzyme in my blood that caused them to tell me I was finished for good.

    Now all I can do is encourage others to give. You never know when you or a family member will be in need. And, according to the literature I saw, you get a free T-shirt if you give.

    Go to my column on the Web this week for links to facts and trivia and eligibility guidelines for giving blood.

    Go to this link: .
    Then, in the Blood Facts menu at left, click on the Eligibility Guidelines" and "Facts and Trivia" near the bottom for more information about giving blood.

  • Seemingly, I have dreams in spells. I?ll go for a long time without any and then will have them days (nights) on end.

  • Generally they will be the kind that present an impossible predicament that puts me through the wringer. But somehow by the time they end I figure out during the dream that I am dreaming. Problem solved.

  • A while back I read about a Web site that is a national compilation of commercial real estate listings that serves like an MLS of investment property across the country. The listings are posted by sellers and real estate brokers alike.

    I checked it out and there were several Hillsboro and area properties listed on it. Log on to the site and you can search any state and find listings by cities. The McDonald?s property in Hillsboro is on it. Check it out at

  • Everyone who thinks the weeds in the sidewalks and bricks downtown looks good, raise your hand.

  • If you?ve been around Hills?boro as long as I have, you would have special memories of Hillsboro Sundries when it was owned and operated by Vic and Dot Herbel at 108 E. Grand ? about in the middle of where Emprise Bank now stands.

    At Hillsboro Sundries you could get a Green River and whatever else you wanted from their soda fountain. Vic was always helpful with cameras, film, electric razors or any type of small electronic products. Plus, any over-the-counter remedy that could help you battle what ailed you.

    Once, I went to Sundries for lunch every day one week for a vanilla shake on orders from my doctor. I had knocked a tooth loose playing kick the can and wasn?t supposed to eat anything solid.


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