Relay for Life did not disappoint

Relay for Life, the indoor version, didn?t disappoint this past Saturday night. The event was at Marion?s Sports and Aquatic Center for the first time, which is a perfect place. With the rain, the decision was perfect.

It appeared to me that the size of the crowd was a bit down, but there were many potentially conflicting events going on this past weekend.


This was my first close look at the Sports and Aquatic Center. In my view the planners got everything right. This is a fantastic facility.

I missed the first two basketball games with Marion because of illness and being out of town, so I hadn?t gotten a close look before. The setup is awesome with the indoor track for walking. Shouldn?t be any reason not to be healthy for lack of a place to walk.


This column is getting easier and easier to write all of the time. It is almost frightening.

I?ve thought about turning them into a book someday but that would take a lot of time.


While Kansas statute does not allow a free newspaper like us to compete for the legal business for print, we have posted the Marion County delinquent-taxlist online. You will find it in ?Breaking news,? or just click here if you are reading online.


Every grandparent has one of those ?moments? with a grandchild. Mine happened a few weeks ago. We were setting up my phone with a new app for geo-caching when my phone locked up.

I thought I would remove the battery and do a hard restart. But I couldn?t get the back off of my phone to pull the battery. I knew you slid down the cover and the battery was underneath. I kept trying to slide it down but it wouldn?t go.

Then Alex says, ?I think it would work better if you took the plastic case off first.?


Part of the entertainment at the Relay for Life was a musical group made up of Mike Moran on guitar and harmonica, Doug Kjellin on bass and both on vocals. Missing was Jim Versch, who plays the mandolin.

The name of the group is the Alternates, but if you ask me, they should be called the Reg?ulars. If they are the Alter?nates, what are the real guys like?


I was having lunch the other day when I overheard one of our community leaders say she likes to iron.

That brought back memories of Frances Brunner and the ironing she did back in the day. We used to take our ironing to her and she charged 10 cents a piece, which was ridiculously cheap. Sometimes she would tell us to keep the money as she just liked to do it and it was therapy. She used the money for bingo, which she enjoyed a lot.

What a pleasant soul she was.


If you missed the meeting regarding Hillsboro?s Internet last Friday, we have a link on our Free Press website to the video of the meeting. It was recorded by Eagle Communications. To watch a video of the event, click here


I had the opportunity to walk a few laps at the Relay for Life with Charles Heerey of Marion, who turned 80 this year. He was telling me he was born in the Hillsboro hospital and still has the bill his parents received at that time. It totalled a whopping $31.50.

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