Reflections of a 73-year-old.

I am going to call this column “Reflections of a 73-year-old.”

First and foremost I am super glad I married my high school sweetheart Nancy Unruh. For without her I wouldn’t have my immediate family, our children, Amy and Dan and their spouses George and Katie; and our grandsons Alexander and Louis. I really love my family.

Nancy really knows the meaning of “for better or worse” with me right now with my health issues, and I am quite fortunate to have married a strong woman like her. I’m glad we both had the parents we had, all deceased now for two, ten and almost 30 years, to show us the way.

I’m glad to have grown up in a community like Hillsboro, with its value system and all of the fine people who have contributed to my story.

The generation that came before us had their share of faults like all folks in the older generation similar to other small towns in America, but were great people none-the-less and mentored me in many ways.

I value the education I received in the Hillsboro public school system which I know prepared me for life in the real world.

I am glad for the work ethic I learned by working at the local newspaper through my final two years in grade school and my high school years. It was so special working there, I never considered any other career. Ink was in my blood.

I had planned to head to KU for college but ended up going to Bethel College for one year to play football. Since Bethel didn’t have journalism degrees at the time I transferred to KU for my degree and final three years.

I value all of the friendships I have made in the community, at work, in church and with the authors of the approximately 650 books I have published for authors and businesses all over the U.S. and Canada.

I value the trips we have made with our family through the years, especially the trip to Tybee Island, Ga. in 2016 to commemorate our 50th anniversary a year or two early and the trip to Austin, Tex., in May of 2019, this time with Nancy’s brother and his wife too. Did I mention fun trips with good friends to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Mex., Jamaica, and Puerto Rico?

Don’t worry, I will switch back to the regular format next week. I wanted to find out if I could write about one subject all the way through for a change.

I’ve had a few regrets too, such as spending too much time trying to get rich, and lying to nuns—a salesman asked me to—at Jostens Year­book company in Cam­bridge, Md., and then thanked for being so honest.

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