Record attempt a hot success

The ?Most Marsh?mallows Roasted Simul?taneously at a Single Venue? for the Guinness Book of World Records was a smashing success this past Saturday. Props to Steve Hudson of the Marion County Lake and Park, and all of the volunteers he rounded up to make it a great experience. I?d say for never doing this before, it came off extremely well.

Those who participated were real troopers to put up with all of the smoke and heat to get those little?or should I say ?big??marshmallows roasted. The wind shifted just as we were about ready to roast, causing the smoke to blow toward everyone on the north side of the fire? which the aerial photo will show.

In our ?people pen? of 50 folks, I had the privilege of meeting Keith and Vickey, who rode over from Wichita to take part in the record attempt. And I found out that Keith was on the crew that updated the lights at our airport a few years back to make it safer to land.

I made a little video about the event and posted it on my YouTube channel. The link is ( or search for Marshmallow.m4v.

We?d like to thank Skip Sieger for taking Don up in his airplane to take photos of the event (see Page 1).


We hosted a photo-scanning session this past Saturday at the Marion VFW for the veterans book we are publishing this fall. It was great to have Warren Kreutziger, commander of the VFW, and Richard Soyez of the Marion Legion present to help with this event, along with Toni Ottensmeier and Dick Varen?horst. More than 50 photos were scanned, which was great.

We are setting up scanning events in other towns around the county in the near future, so watch our ads for the times and dates.


I thought I was going to run out of nitro during KU?s last three games during its march to the Final Four in New Orleans.

I thought basketball was a non-contact sport but not anymore. I don?t think I?have seen more banging around than I did in the Purdue game.


We just returned from visiting Dan and Katie in the Pacific Northwest. The cheap price of red-eye flights looks great until you actually have to take one.

I had clam chowder every day for about a week, which might explain the extra pounds I added. I had no beef or chicken, just seafood and other yummy stuff.


Here?s a small world story. In Lincoln City, Ore., where we stayed in a condo overlooking the ocean, I was reading the guest book and saw that some folks from Hillsboro had stayed in the same place a little more than a year ago.


As we checked in at the airport in Portland, we learned that either it?s raining, it just stopped raining or just started to rain.

And I had one last chance at another bowl of clam chowder.


I kept thinking the room in which we keep our server sounded like something familiar. I realized it sounds like a NASCAR engine at 220 mph.


All of a sudden my jeans won?t stay up. I finally figured out what to do about it: I just tightened my belt another notch.

And this really doesn?t make a bit of sense because I gained eight pounds on our trip.

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